Nate Rose, Santino LaBoy & Sober link up on “Wasted Time”, a certified bop about a relationship that is conveniently resurfacing as a buzz starts to build.

Nate Rose is a hip-hop artist & creative often referred to as the “James Bond” of rap for his debonair demeanor and emphasis on intellect. Exploring relationships, business, and politics, Rose touches on topics with a fresh perspective backed by tasteful instrumentals and eloquent delivery.

Rose participates in every level of artistry, having developed skills out of necessity for a thriving career. The Nashville native handles all the production, graphic design, and video production for his projects, which collectively encompass his artistic vision, actively maintaining creative control over each stage of his work.

However, “Tennessee’s best kept secret” has become anything but a secret. Over the passed year, Rose’s music has been featured in TV commercials for a variety of popular brands including Tostitos, the MLB, and Kingsford Charcoal. His music has also been featured in hundreds of promotions for influencers and organizations such as the Miami Dolphins, Dele Alli x Call Of Duty, Fashion Nova, and Gary Vee. Partnering with these brands has brought Rose attention from across the U.S., Mexico, the UK, and Canada.

Along with these key placements, Rose has accumulated more than 5 million combined streams across listening platforms with no label backing or external investments enabling him to build an organic, loyal fan base.

His music is ebullient and honest, swathed in genre-bending rhythms that stem from his diverse palette of musical influences ranging from Drake to System Of A Down. His records radiate energy and intellect, equally fitting for a club setting as well as a fireside chat. With this concoction, you can feel productive about turning up, knowing that you’re learning something while doing it.

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