Rising rapper Nel Dinero recently released his new EP The Dinero Era. As he is one of the most promising rising stars coming out of New York, this release showcasing his music like never before. His brand Rollofbandz that he founded with his cousin, is allowing him to extend his brand beyond the music. You can expect to hear a lot of great things from Dinero all year.

On this release, you will hear the New York rapper spitting some of his most lethal bars to date. Within 10 tracks Dinero does an excellent job of creating an EP. One song that stands out the most on this release is a song titled “Took Me for Granted”. He tells a story of how so many people have taken him for granted and he still found away to prevail. The uptempo beat matches perfectly with his raw lyrics like peanut butter and jelly. His openness and honesty is what stands out the most on this release.

Nel Dinero is looking forward to leaving a lasting impact on the music industry. As he continues to produce the best music of his life, tap into his new EP The Dinero Era here.

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