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Cyrus Dobre Delivers Infectious New Single ‘Goin’ Up’ With Tory Lanez



Cyrus Dobre

“Goin’ Up” is an upbeat, summer anthem from the talented Cyrus Dobre featuring Tory Lanez and is bound to be something you add to your summer playlist. Lanez and Dobre prove to be a powerful collaboration, with the two artists’ sounds blending seamlessly over the melody. On the new track, Dobre showcases his skills as a songwriter and solo artist, revealing that has the production value combined with the talent to create a hit song.
The single has an energetic melody with a catchy hook that tells the story of what “Goin’ Up” really means for the two artists.
I got two girls in my room and they both goin up / Big band call me baby yeah I’m going nuts / Astin Martin in the parking lot doing donuts / I hit the engine that’s they know it’s us
Cyrus Dobre said in an interview that “Goin’ Up” is the lead single to his forthcoming EP titled Next Level.
Tell us a little bit about how “Goin’ Up” came together. What inspired the single and who was involved in the creative process?
I wanted to create a summer song. An island type beat with good vibes. It felt like the people needed that for good spirits and fun. Something the people can feel and dance to and come together with. My producer and close friend Eric produced the beat. Tory and I wrote the song.
Why did you choose Tory Lanez in particular for this collaboration?
I chose Tory because he fit the vibe and his voice was a good match for mine on the track. He’s one of the most respected artists and is one of my favorite artists.
How long have you been making music for and how did you get your start?
I have been doing music for about 2 and half years. I started by writing Dobre Brothers music and finding the right beats for our audience. The goal was to gradually grow the audience with the music.
Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?
Michael Jackson,Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber
What have been some accomplishments that you’re most proud of?
Some of my biggest accomplishments include:
Two sold-out 20 city tours
Hit over hundreds of millions of views on music videos
Made, wrote,  and lead anti-bullying music projects
Secured features with: Tory Lanez, Lil Mosey, Lil Pump
What can fans look forward to next from you? Anything we should keep on our radar?
Fans can expect a five-song EP titled Next Level, that brings a new sound of music to the world. A sound they can sing, dance, and live to.
Stream “Goin’ Up” by Cyrus Dobre and Tory Lanez below.

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Dee Wile Releases ‘Even More Game’ (EP)



Dee Wile releases his new EP titled ‘Even More Game.’ The 6-track project features Gino White, AyeNon, and Audio King.

Dee Wile gives us a smooth and soulful, yet hypnotizing dose of earmilk with a feel-good vibe all while dropping unappraised jewels. He’s ready for anything and everything from kicking back on the weekends to running a marathon claiming the baton of success. Stream ‘Even More Game’ and connect with Dee Wile below.

Twitter: deewile4eva

IG: deewilesativa

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Nymrod Releases ‘Educated Music’ EP




NY’s own vetted artist Nymrod releases his latest project ‘Educated Music.’ The 9-track EP features Durgaveli, H.E.R., Misch, Mellow, and Citi The King Debanaire. As per the title, Nymrod delivers a lyrical guidebook on love, life, and success over a kaleidoscope of R&B blends, soul, striking basslines, and classic Hip Hop cadences.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite off the EP, there are some stand out tracks including “The Worst” featuring Durgaveli. The duo embodies the ups and downs of relationships, lack of communication, and inevitably the debate of will love conquer all. The chemistry between Nymrod and Durgaveli is incomparable with unmasked, raw emotion. Through striking wordplay, they express their pain that once derived from bliss.

“Love in Sections” features Misch and is a soulful, charismatic track with a chill vibe, yet rousing enough to head onto the dancefloor. Nymrod’s infections lyrics along with Misch’s enticing vocals convey a seductive bliss, one that seems to be missing in some of today’s music.

“Take You There” which features Mellow and H.E.R. takes listeners through an erotic journey, classy in deliverance with the perfect blend of classic and contemporary R&B. Nymrod’s captivating lyrics are sure to stimulate the senses, so ladies pour the wine and fellows light the cigars…

Stream ‘Educated Music’ the EP and connect with Nymrod below.

Educated Music Mixtape by Nymrod (

Facebook – Nymrod

Instagram – @nymrod_federal

Twitter – @nymrod_federal

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