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The Golden State warriors went 73-9. They had the unanimous MVP, three all stars, and the Coach of the year. All of that was on the line for questioning last night for Game 7. The Warriors who were up 3-1 after game 4 heading back to Oakland for the close out. Then the NBA sends a message saying they was upgrading Draymond Green tap on Lebron James a Fragrant foul. This called for a 1 Game suspension. The Golden state warriors were tied at the Half 61-61 in game 5. Andrew Bogut gets injured and the season falls apart right in front of our faces. Lebron and kyrie goes off for 41 a piece and things was never the same. Game 6 was a total wash, where you seen the warriors get as close as 8 points. Steph Curry gets ejected and now we have all the great things the warriors have done this season on the line for a Game 7 at home. Favorites still to win the championship. Draymond Green started off with the hot hand lifting the warriors in the first half. But where was the other two all stars? two big of a stage? Curry the MVP finish 6/19 with only 17 points, 2 assist, and Crucial turnovers in the 4!!!!. Klay Thompson who was yapping at the mouth early in the series finish 6/17 with 14 points and 2/10 from 3 point. The biggest stage on the planet and two of your best players folded! Steve kerr who was the coach of the year made some questionable line up moves. He decided to stick with the struggling Harrison Barnes who probably wont get a max contract from any team. Then he decided to go with Festus Ezeli who clearly from the opening tip off was scared and shaking in his boots!! Steve kerr after kyrie hits a three pointer with just under a min left in the game neglected to call a time out. So many things, so many people contribute to the break down of what should of been a back to back historic year that now ends with people stock going down and laughter on the organization. The Golden state warriors organization has took a major L. This is history that cant be fix. When they mention teams who were up 3-1 in the finals the Golden state warriors would be the only team to lose with an MVP, 3 all stars, coach of the year, and the best record in the NBA. Its sadden that this happen and a lot of people are going to get exposed. In the biggest night in which the warriors had to win only one guy show up and that’s not going to get the job done. This will be a long summer for the warriors. They will be back with a new roster and some changes but this year was a complete failure! due to the fact you didn’t get the ring everything they accomplish is sweep under the table. Everywhere you go this summer people are going to question Steph curry your MVP who didn’t have a dominate impact on the series. Congrats to Draymond Green play a helluva game. Lets see what happens next year. Congrats to Golden State warriors for making history reaching 73 wins they cant take that from you guys we just wish y’all had finish the job and won the championship.

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