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Idarose Talks Her Reaction to “When I Don’t Have You” Being a Viral Sensation



Ida Rose

South Florida artist Idarose, (who’s real name is Alexis), is an up-and-coming independent artist you definitely need to keep on your radar. She has a versatile sound and can sing a melody that anyone can truly vibe to. Her latest single “When I Don’t Have You,” is a great example of that versatility and showcases her harmonious sound. It’s an electronic pop anthem that stands apart from the rest, and paves Idarose in her own lane. 

The single “When I Don’t Have You,” was released earlier this year, and has already received an overwhelming response. The short clip of the melody took the internet by storm and went viral on Tik Tok — which helped with establishing Idarose’s web presence and marking her as someone who audiences knew had much more talent to offer.

When asked about the response to the viral video, Idarose responded, “The response to my new song has already blown me away – I posted the little clip to my 2,900 followers, and now I have 39,000 Tik Tok followers, over 1.7 million views, and
thousands of people asking me to hear it as a full song.”

“I’ve always wanted to find a small audience, but I never imagined that so many people would be asking to hear something
that I created the day that I posted it,” she said. “I am so grateful.”

The artwork of the track also really represents both the creation of the song and the meaning of the song itself. Idarose names some of her musical influences are the queens of electronic pop such as Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Maggie Rogers, and BANKS. In addition, she credited Frank Sinatra and more modern musicians such as Anderson Paak and Vince Staples as influences to her versatile sound too.

“The song started on my bed, and so I thought it would be kind of cool to represent that through the art,” Idarose continued. “But even more than that, the whole idea of the song is to represent lonely nights, and on a lot of lonely nights I’m in my room making music … so it felt right that the picture would be me making music on a bed.”

“It’s the first single I’ve released in a bit,” she said. “I got the melody for this song in a dream…this happens to me sometimes, but if I don’t remember to record it, I usually forget the melody. This time, when I woke up, I immediately picked up my phone and recorded a voice memo of what I remembered. Later that day, I came up with some lyrics to fit the melody, and the story and production grew around that.”

Idarose’s electrifying sound and captivating lyrics have made her classify her music as “new-age hopeless romantic[…] dropped […] in a Wes Anderson movie” but with more kicks and snares.

Idarose noted in an interview that she is grateful for the amount of support and following she has gotten following the viral video, Idarose is happy that fans have reacted the way they did.

Listen to the track below, & keep up with Idarose on social media @idarosemusic.

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Trust Tate “Facetime” (Single) Ft. Jus1




NJ rapper/producer Trust Tate releases his new single “Facetime” featuring JUS1 with production by Certi Beats.

Tate has been building a community on SoundCloud for years now, where he has released over 150 songs exclusively for his fans. 2021 marks Trust Tate’s official introduction to the mainstream music landscape, beginning with his brand new single ‘Facetime’ featuring emerging Bronx artist and producer Jus1, and producer Certi Beats.

Speaking about his inspiration for the track, Trust Tate says, “my music is like voice recording a therapy session and putting a beat over it, and ‘Facetime’ is another of those therapy sessions with me venting about my love and hate relationship with attention-seeking people and time-wasters, Facetime just happened to be the platform bearing the brunt of all my frustrations”.

Over upbeat tempos, Trust Tate exposes the lives of attention seekers who are moved by their reflections only. Take heed to his message while your hips are grooving along. Stream “Facetime” and connect with Trust Tate below.

“Facetime” on Apple Music and on Spotify

Connect with Trust Tate

Trust Tate should not even be alive today, because as the New York Times reported back in 1994, when he was only a 7-month-old infant, he was struck twice by stray gunfire while being pushed in a stroller in the middle of the Bronx where he was born, so it’s a miracle that the Jersey City native is here in 2021 and able to do what he loves…




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New Jersey’s OnlyJahmez Releases New Single, “Thoughts”



Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 1.31.17 PM

In his much anticipated release, hip-hop artist, OnlyJahmez, debuts “Thoughts” – a dark and twisty view into his mind, relationships, enemies, and his self-perception.

Following up from his previous singles, “Akon,” with over 100,000 views, and “Tiff Banister ft. Lil Wayne,” OnlyJahmez’s “Thoughts in My Head” serves as the lead single for his next album, RIOT. In “Thoughts in My Head,” he raps, “Too many problems and weed/I think I’m better alone.”

With fluttering high hats and dark synths looming under the track, “Thoughts in My Head” is the perfect song to describe OnlyJahmez’s artistic vision and thought process.

Listen to “Thoughts in My Head” down BELOW!


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