Kanye West video leaked Kanye Wests Black Skinhead Video Leaked

Kanye West’s video for Black Skinhead has been leaked! Unfortunately, I don’t want to be sued for possessing my guests with evil spirits, so I will not be posting the actual video in fear of my soul as well as yours. I will however redirect you at your won risk (watch video here), but if I were you I would sprinkle my computer screen or smart phone with some Holy Water before viewing.

Kanye West Black Skinhead Kanye Wests Black Skinhead Video Leaked

Anyway, the video features a CGI animated version of Kanye West (but really buffed), with a series of dark images flashing across the screen. At some point Kanye West is nude before morphing into some other creature. Sadly, he mocks the crucifixion of Christ as seen above. I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of basic negroes comparing their plight in the industry to Jesus because of some drama they’ve created for themselves. So Kanye West is now mad that someone leaked this video, and took to twitter to rant about it…

Kanye West video leaked Kanye Wests Black Skinhead Video Leaked

He doesn’t have to worry about me taking it down because I want be posting…until he gets some sunshine and bunny rabbits in that video…LOL

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