Last Night I went to see the Kevin Hart movie in the theater. One thing bout watching comedy in the theaters, you have to prepare your self for people uncontrollably laughing throughout the whole night.The Movie started off real Good, with Guest appearances with other actors in a mini action movie theme. Halle Berry playing as Kevin’s Side kick for the beginning of the movie. The two seem to have great chemistry and funny dialog with arguments, helping in fights, and even Kevin trying to get a kiss from Halle. The stand up part of the movie was great for several reasons. Kevin jokes about his kids being different growing up rich, to his infamous father jokes. Kevin jokes about situations with his Wife and older friends in his circle. What was so different and stood out was that he use projection screen and different graphic videos and themes to explain certain jokes. I thought that was hella funny and creative. The text message segment of jokes was laugh out funny. The reaction of crowd and how the camera focused on certain people reactions after jokes tell it all. People in the crowd was literally falling out there seats. One scene alone made me laugh when the camera focus on a guy in the crowd dam near having a heart attack laughing so hard. It was a special thing i enjoyed the fact that Kevin was able to sell out a football arena in his hometown. The look on his face at the end looks like he was fighting tears. Hard work pays off and i was moved by that. Seen My man Michael Blackson in the crowd as well another comedian on the rise. It was great movie / Stand up. From the gold mic to the gold Cuban around his neck set the theme for a king on stage. Kevin Has came along way and to see what i saw only motivated me to work harder. I recommend everyone go see this Movie you wont be disappointed. Every race was in the building laughing and that was what it was all about. Laugh together as one group of people. Kevin what Now? is definitely on the list for Christmas DVDs if its ready by then!!

Welsh Da GoD