A New Show Debuts in Providence RI

OPM Streams Original – Promo Stage franchize is banking upon Providence RI, and its local talent to help make their new show a huge hit. The show concept is based solely around the music and the live performances of the talented artist who are sure to light up the stage.   Show producers are excited to have a show finally focused on the talent and the music, nothing else.  The show prides itself on not having any judges or voting.  Wait, no voting?  That’s correct.  There’s absolutely no voting!  So, what is the shows premise? The show is all about the [A]rtist and his or her live [P}erformance of the single that will be available worldwide during the show on your TV, phone or however you digest video entertainment.   What is worth noting here are the pros of the production.  Every performer will definitely get a distribution deal for the single performed on the show.  Everything from the bookings, to the marketing and promotions are done for you.   It’s really a great opportunity for the artist who does not have the funds yet, has the talent to be a star.

Sign Up! To perform and release your hit single to the world, all genres welcome.  Click here     Get Tickets to attend the #PPS Sneak Peek Party 

Product Placement Put a spotlight on your business, product or brand.  By placing your product etc. in the actual show or running your own commercial during the show, either way it can be valuable exposure for your business while increasing sales.  Please contact Haitian RemoHead of Marketing, in your written correspondence, disclose your budget you want to spend and what you are trying to achieve with your campaign.  $20 puts your brand in front of the eyes of 3500 people. [ There is a $150 minimum ] Design your marketing campaign and decide exactly! What area of the world you want your ad to run.  Yes! Reports are available on demand.  

Release your movie, show, concert, podcast, music or book

We are changing the way you look at the free content you give away online.  Do not give it away for free, let OPM Streams turn your hustle into a real worldwide business.

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Haitian Remo