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Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour



Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour.

Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour. Make sure you checkout Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson on tour and purchase The Art of Flipping Bricks available at walmart, target and other book outlets.

Drake Realty, Inc.
(404) 822-4869 Office
3535 Roswell Rd, Marietta,GA, 30062

Douglas Parson Jr.
The Art of Flipping Bricks



TappedApp creates a new AI to have a record label at your fingertips




Brace yourself – a revolution in the music industry is coming. TappedAI, the world’s first AI-powered record label, is poised to overhaul the status quo and catapult independent artists to success.

Brought to you by Tapped App, the trailblazing platform shaking up entertainment, TappedAI represents an unprecedented fusion of technology and music. With its arsenal of futuristic AI tools, this fiercely artist-centric label is about to change the game for indie musicians.

TappedAI was created by visionaries John Naylor and Ilias Anwar to smash the barriers holding back unsigned talent. For too long, major labels have silenced emerging artists lacking the money to fund competitive teams and marketing budgets. But no more.

TappedAI arms indie artists with the infrastructure, insights and support needed to thrive independently. Its artificial intelligence systems empower musicians to make data-driven decisions about branding, content strategy, and audience targeting – catapulting careers to new heights.

This virtual team provides the comprehensive guidance historically reserved for chart-topping acts:

Manager – Oversee career strategy and daily operations
A&R – Discover talent and develop creative vision
Marketer – Lead branding, promotions and growth
Graphic Designer – Craft visual assets and merchandise
Publicist – Shape an iconic artist image
Stylist – Curate looks for photoshoots and performances
Lawyer – Handle contracts and business affairs

But unlike labels seeking to dominate creative direction, TappedAI amplifies the artist’s vision.

The revolution is here. As TappedAI disrupts the status quo, a new era is dawning – one where technology blows open doors for independent artists. With this label-defying label, the next Adele or Ed Sheeran won’t get left behind.

TappedAI is set to ignite a movement where indie musicians shape their futures. Its seismic impact will ripple through the music business. The question is not if, but how quickly this AI-powered juggernaut will transform the landscape. A storm is brewing.

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Mozell Entertainment Group “Get Ready For The Known Unknown”



Richard Willis, Jr. CEO and owner of Mozell Entertainment Group is gearing up for his new film “Known Unknown” which is described as ” A symphony of Hip-Hop in five movements. Fame, Friendship, Fulfillment, Fear, Freedom.” with the first trailer being released, we see the buildup and anticipation of what’s to come in the first movement called “Knock”. ” The Known Unknown, through MUSIC, DRAMA, COMEDY, DANCE, GAMING, and stunning VISUALS, takes the audience on an enchanting but shocking thrill ride that enlightens, helping us to see more clearly the times we live in, the world we are creating, the communities, families, relationships, and finally, how they see us, and the courage to face how we see ourselves.” If The rest of the movie holds up to what the trailer gives us, its gonna be a VERY interesting ride.

See The Trailer Here

Richard Willis, Jr. is an award-winning Writer, having won the prestigious PEABODY AWARD (as part of a creative team) and is a 2 time EMMY AWARD nominee. An active community leader, Richard is listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA.

Mozell Entertainment Group is a multimedia entertainment group that specializes in conceiving, developing, pitching, and producing projects for television, film, theatre, and music. With a healthy roster led by the artist Reyn, they have tackled and conquered the industry from all angles.

Check Out Reyn Here

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Richard Wilis Jr.

Mozell Entertainment Group


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Jonathan Coleman Of The Media Blast PR Headlines As Top Rep



Jonathan Coleman serves as a top-notch publicist who offers PR and marketing in both the music and entertainment industries. His drive, ambition, and determination to see others authentically shine and win are what separates Jonathan from the rest. He’s worked with R&B singers, Pop artists, Hip Hop artists, filmmakers, and more. His credits include Jillian Joelle Davidson (daughter of comedian Tommy Davidson), Twicy, K Davis The Hitman (nephew of icon Doug E. Fresh), Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Films, and that’s only naming a few.

Jonathan’s company The Media Blast PR has been buzzing both nationally and internationally and continues to do so as he stays ahead of the curve by offering new, inventive opportunities. The Media Blast PR is now the go-to for those just starting their career and those who are well-established. Connect with Jonathan below for more.

Connect with Jonathan Coleman and The Media Blast PR

Instagram @JayForNow (
Facebook: Jonathan Coleman | Facebook (

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