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Major labels potentially consider layoffs after new Ai technology surfaces?



Music tech is booming, and companies are emerging left and right. The music industry itself has not seen many threats, and most executives are comfortable, believing that technologies like ChatGPT do not affect their jobs. However, they may be unaware that numerous other companies are slowly gaining ground, which will likely lead them to cut back on their vacation budgets this year.

Today’s focus? Tapped Ai, a live music data analytics company that enables performers to create a world tour through their iPhone. Tapped Ai credits its inspiration to Chartmetric, the leading music data analytics company used by most music industry professionals to discover up-and-coming artists through streaming and social stats.

Tapped Ai’s advantage lies in its adjacency to Chartmetric and its user-friendly platform, which simplifies data digestion. Data is not inherently sexy, but Tapped hopes to change that, making it appealing for performers. It’s clear this approach is working, as they have already attracted over 3,000 users and have opened up their beta testing “build a show” program to a handful of artists. Their database is also growing daily, currently featuring data on over 45,000 performers, 1 million+ bookings, and 25,000+ venues.

Tapped Ai , has recently caught the attention of major record labels with their recent April Fools prank. To find out how they pulled a massive prank on the entire music industry check their article out here:

As these labels explore integrating Tapped Ai’s technology, there is growing speculation about the potential reduction in workforce as roles traditionally held by humans begin to be automated.

Tapped Ai simplifies the booking process for live performances, leveraging artificial intelligence to match artists with venues. This technology not only optimizes the booking process but also provides unprecedented data-driven insights into audience preferences, potential revenue, and performance logistics.

The platform represents a significant leap forward in efficiency and effectiveness, allowing record labels and music promoters to plan tours and performances with a level of precision previously unattainable. 

Gone are the days of relying on smoke and mirrors with social media followers and Spotify numbers. Tapped Ai aims to provide a clear understanding of how much revenue a performer can generate from a show or tour. This is particularly beneficial for smaller artists, as it allows them to get booked over bigger names. An artist with 10 million followers might not sell as many tickets as a performer with 20,000 followers who has a strong, loyal local following. This shift will be a game-changer for the music industry because booking will no longer be a gamble. It will be an educated decision based on analytics and data, enabling anyone to confidently book an artist for a show or a tour.”

Just last week a 17 year old kid used Tapped Ai’s app, which allowed him to find the right venue for him to perform at. Just an internet kid who makes music and wants to be in front of a crowd. No booking agent, no spending thousands of hours doing outreach, just finding the right venue and getting connected. This is the equivalent to how musicians can make music from their bedroom through bandlab, creating a marketing campaign through symphonyOS, and finding rising artists through Chartmetric to collaborate with. The future is here, but for some reason live music and live music data have been held back. 

As major labels look to incorporate Tapped AI’s technology into their operations, there is a growing concern among industry professionals about the implications for jobs. Many tasks, such as scouting for venue availability, negotiating deals, and scheduling tours, which typically required extensive human resources, can now be managed more efficiently by AI systems. This shift is leading some labels to consider downsizing their teams in favor of a more technology-driven approach. Since the launch of this article, one label fired four booking agents and started using Tapped Ai’s technology as a beta.

While the introduction of Tapped AI’s technology promises significant cost savings and increased productivity for labels, it also poses difficult questions about the future of employment within the industry. Industry analysts suggest that as Ai and machine learning continue to advance, the need for traditional skills in booking and promotions may diminish, leading to job cuts. The same way an A&R job has transformed because of social media and platforms like Chartmetric, being a booking agent will also be transformed. 

The transition towards AI-driven processes is not without its challenges. Industry leaders are now tasked with navigating the delicate balance between embracing innovation and managing the human impact of technological adoption. For many, this means reevaluating the roles within their organizations and identifying opportunities for upskilling employees to work alongside the new technology.

Education and training will play a crucial role in this transition, as current employees will need to adapt to new roles that require oversight and management of Ai systems rather than direct execution of tasks. Additionally, the industry must consider the broader cultural implications of reducing the human element in music production and promotion.

However it is not just Tapped Ai that is on the horizon but a couple other Ai companies that are already threatening jobs.

The potential reduction in workforce due to AI like Tapped Ai is a poignant reminder of the broader impacts of technology on employment across various sectors. For the music industry, this period of transition offers an opportunity to redefine roles and invest in a future where technology and human creativity are more intertwined than ever.

As discussions continue among major labels about the integration of AI technologies, the decisions made will likely set precedents for how other sectors might also adapt to similar changes. The role of companies like Tapped Ai will be crucial in shaping these outcomes, ensuring that innovations in AI bring about improvements not only in productivity and efficiency but also in the quality of music and live performances that reach audiences around the globe.

We also asked the founders their thoughts and they chose not to input any statement.

If you are interested in hearing more about tapped check them out here at

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TappedApp creates a new AI to have a record label at your fingertips




Brace yourself – a revolution in the music industry is coming. TappedAI, the world’s first AI-powered record label, is poised to overhaul the status quo and catapult independent artists to success.

Brought to you by Tapped App, the trailblazing platform shaking up entertainment, TappedAI represents an unprecedented fusion of technology and music. With its arsenal of futuristic AI tools, this fiercely artist-centric label is about to change the game for indie musicians.

TappedAI was created by visionaries John Naylor and Ilias Anwar to smash the barriers holding back unsigned talent. For too long, major labels have silenced emerging artists lacking the money to fund competitive teams and marketing budgets. But no more.

TappedAI arms indie artists with the infrastructure, insights and support needed to thrive independently. Its artificial intelligence systems empower musicians to make data-driven decisions about branding, content strategy, and audience targeting – catapulting careers to new heights.

This virtual team provides the comprehensive guidance historically reserved for chart-topping acts:

Manager – Oversee career strategy and daily operations
A&R – Discover talent and develop creative vision
Marketer – Lead branding, promotions and growth
Graphic Designer – Craft visual assets and merchandise
Publicist – Shape an iconic artist image
Stylist – Curate looks for photoshoots and performances
Lawyer – Handle contracts and business affairs

But unlike labels seeking to dominate creative direction, TappedAI amplifies the artist’s vision.

The revolution is here. As TappedAI disrupts the status quo, a new era is dawning – one where technology blows open doors for independent artists. With this label-defying label, the next Adele or Ed Sheeran won’t get left behind.

TappedAI is set to ignite a movement where indie musicians shape their futures. Its seismic impact will ripple through the music business. The question is not if, but how quickly this AI-powered juggernaut will transform the landscape. A storm is brewing.

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Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour



Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour.

Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour. Make sure you checkout Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson on tour and purchase The Art of Flipping Bricks available at walmart, target and other book outlets.

Drake Realty, Inc.
(404) 822-4869 Office
3535 Roswell Rd, Marietta,GA, 30062

Douglas Parson Jr.
The Art of Flipping Bricks

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Mozell Entertainment Group “Get Ready For The Known Unknown”



Richard Willis, Jr. CEO and owner of Mozell Entertainment Group is gearing up for his new film “Known Unknown” which is described as ” A symphony of Hip-Hop in five movements. Fame, Friendship, Fulfillment, Fear, Freedom.” with the first trailer being released, we see the buildup and anticipation of what’s to come in the first movement called “Knock”. ” The Known Unknown, through MUSIC, DRAMA, COMEDY, DANCE, GAMING, and stunning VISUALS, takes the audience on an enchanting but shocking thrill ride that enlightens, helping us to see more clearly the times we live in, the world we are creating, the communities, families, relationships, and finally, how they see us, and the courage to face how we see ourselves.” If The rest of the movie holds up to what the trailer gives us, its gonna be a VERY interesting ride.

See The Trailer Here

Richard Willis, Jr. is an award-winning Writer, having won the prestigious PEABODY AWARD (as part of a creative team) and is a 2 time EMMY AWARD nominee. An active community leader, Richard is listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA.

Mozell Entertainment Group is a multimedia entertainment group that specializes in conceiving, developing, pitching, and producing projects for television, film, theatre, and music. With a healthy roster led by the artist Reyn, they have tackled and conquered the industry from all angles.

Check Out Reyn Here

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Richard Wilis Jr.

Mozell Entertainment Group


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