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Who’s the mystery mask person behind these new records?



New music producer EyeOnEyez is no rookie in the business of music. Having produced and recorded with Hip Hop heavyweights Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, TI and even legendary members of the Wu Tang Clan amongst many others, EyeOnEyez’s name and unique sound has been forever cemented in rap culture, respectfully.

EyeOnEyez’s desire to create trap music began in 2015. He learned to play bass and guitar at age 14 with aspirations to become a jazz musician. “Hip hop has always been at the forefront of my goals, so my love for music production drew me back to the studio.” Indubiously known for his unconventional basslines and live instrumental rifts and improvisations, EyeOnEyez was introduced to Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon, who he continues to credit for his official introduction into the entertainment industry as a connector for the novice producer.

“Having money is great, but being famous is a liability.” -EyeOnEyez, on maintaining anonymity as a well-known producer and music influencer. When asked about his infamous red mask, EyeOnEyez lends to his mysterious, introverted nature. Debuting on the highly anticipated video featuring the late Prodigy as a way to maintain privacy as a public figure, EyeOnEyez described the eeriness surrounding the unreleased visual as “dark” and “creepy as hell”. After the untimely death of Prodigy, EyeOnEyez changed his mask from black to red, symbolizing the transition of his thoughts from a character in a music video representing evil and death to an introverted musical genius.

Stepping from behind the shadows of enigma, the masked super producer taps fellow trap artists, TI, 42 Dugg, Yung Dro and others to debut his first solo project, “Greed and Mystery”. “Greed is a driving force in the world behind many things; no one wants to appear greedy so they veil it in mystery, creating an uncomfortable feeling in society,” he explains, elaborating on the meaning behind the title. “Greed + mystery = creates perception of evil.” With breakout songs such as “We Paid” and “Look What I Got” featuring 42 Dugg, EyeOnEyez explains the inspiration behind the visual concepts. “For ‘Look What I Got’, I pulled ideas from my favorite TV show ‘Rick and Morty’ and classic film ‘Faces of Death’. I used many themes to bring my thoughts to life and used a simple story line to bring everything to life.”

EyeOnEyez continues to inspire an alternative genre of upcoming artists and musicians and offers simple advice: If you love music, you just do it. Most musicians are compulsive. Sometimes it’s against your best interest. Most musicians create music because we have to. It’s in your veins… in your thoughts…ingrained in your every moment of life. Never stop working on your craft. You never know where you may land… or where your imagination may take you.”

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International Rapper Meader Releases ‘Presque Vu’ EP




Seasoned, international rapper Meader releases his new EP titled ‘Presque Vu’ available now on all digital platforms.

Based out of New England, Meader reigns in a class of his own along with his clever lyricism and quick-witted punchlines that all tell his story from beginning to end. With no track the same in flow, deliverance, or sound, the 6-track project embodies Meader’s past, a look inside his mind, and where he’s going. Meader displays diverse flows and vocal deliverance in each track which is sure to entice listeners in.

Simon Says begins the EP where Meader goes into vivid detail about the voices in his head and how they operate as a private movie screening. Although he can be consumed with crazy thoughts that don’t make him insane…he’s simply indifferent.

An intro of piano keys in Subsequent steers the track for Meader to come in and unleash his beastly ways, no filter. He lays in on cheesy rappers who rap about guns, violence, and the streets when in actuality they are home with mommy and daddy washing dishes. Lil Sheff Dis piggybacks that theme with Meader delivering a true, in-your-face dis track…no soft punches.

Loose-Leaf can be noted as one of the top tracks off the EP. Meader describes himself and his stance in the music industry. By choice, he’s not part of mainstream or labels, rather, he’s coming through your boom box…independently. Unmatched in style and all-around package, Meader paves his own lane.

In Mind-Vault, Meader truly invites the listeners into past pain, scars, and unread messages in his heart. With a choice to become a victim or move forward, Meader decides to brush it off, walk alone, and right his wrongs.

Summit is the EP’s finale and the point where Meade exhales success. After skipping death, he’s now turning the pages and racing towards sunshine…beast mode style of course.

Overall, Meader delivers an honest and relatable project with diverse tones and cadences that both heighten his raw emotion and intensify his very personal messages. Stream/download ‘Presque Vu’ below and connect with Meader on Twitter @meader.

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Spotify: Spotify – Presque Vu

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Tha Vicious & Zayman are back repping Broward county w/ new ‘Hightimes II’ EP | @Vicious_mind89 @zayman_kushgang



Tha Vicious & Zayman are back repping Broward county and bringing Hightimes vibes. The duo are like Cheech and Chong providing seriously dope beats and minor comical humor. Hightimes 2 opens up with Mailman the lead track which recently has had a video released. Tha Vicious and Zayman are bringing Method man and Redman vibes this EP is truly a stoners dream. Zayman take solo route on second track only fans . Then we are graced with the third track ace from the duo. Tha vicious gives us remarkable trap sounds on Gucci Flow. Then the Ep concludes with making plays.


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