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[Event] Fresh Mix Magazine – AllStar Media Weekend hosted by DJ Waffles





Fresh Mix Magazine – AllStar Media Weekend

Terrance Brisbon, better known as Dj Waffles, hosts a line-up of media day events during all-star weekend in Atlanta. Bringing back the concept of a media magazine, Fresh Mix Magazine launched their first red carpet event filled with big names and supporters. Dj Waffles is a well known Dj in the city of Atlanta, originating from the east coast. With major stations such as Dash Radio and The Padded room under his belt, Waffles continues in the media world also as an A&R and Artist Manager. Well into the music industry world, he aims to expand on creating his own platforms offering the experience he got growing up with a love for music and media. 

“In the life of digital media we have lost the excitement of picking up a magazine and catching up on our favorite music artist, athlete, or entertainer. We are aiming to bring back that authentic feel” 

With a long list of supporting media parties; athletes, music artists, influencers and more lined up to share what they have been upto and what is to come. Dj Waffles continued to do his impeccable job of interviewing all the stars and brought a safe light hearted feel to the craze during this pandemic. 

Amongst The Media Coverage:
Real shooters Podcast
Saturday Night in Buffalo
Fubu Radio
Hip Hop Basement
Mula Podcast
Pow TV
TheFix Show
Where it Begins
Cuts Podcast
Tmbe Podcast

“It starts by building a solid team of media personalities and platforms that are all on the same page with contributing to the same purpose. Coming together is never a problem when everyone is on one accord.” 

So much more is to come from Dj Waffles and Fresh Mix Magazine. Be sure to stay tuned! For more information and booking DJ Waffles For more of behind the scenes from the events

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And1 Mixtape Tour 2022 Rumored



If the rumors are true, then this is the greatest news for basketball fans around the world. Waliyy “Main Event” Dixon and other And1 players have been frequently making appearances with each other. Is it possible that an And1 Mixtape Tour of 2022 is on the way? It’s been over ten years since we have seen any of the players interacting with each other, yet alone lbeing spotted in studio sessions with Hip Hop artist, such as Jim Jones.

Waliyy Dixon known as the creator of the Mixtape Tour has been silent for over ten years. It was said that a riff between Dixon and And1 was the fall of And1. Little is known concerning the fallout, and both Dixon and And1 has yet to speak about the matter. If overcoming this riff is the only thing stopping a new Mixtape Tour, then hopefully someone can help them settle their differences, because the World of sports is in desperate need for a reemergence of And1. And1 was known not only for their electrifying play, but also for their impact in the community, and with everything going on in the world today, we could sure use some And1 light.

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Anna Nyakana Is A Black Woman Creating Change On All Cylinders Of Entertainment




Award-winning best selling author, speaker, producer, & songwriter Anna Nyakana continues to be a leading example of where hard work and determination can get you. From influencing the masses in education to using her voice to spark change through song and literature, this Connecticut based creative  has caught the attention of prominent media source such as SiriusXM, Entercom Radio, FOX, FOX Soul, PopFuzion TV, NBC CT, ABC WTNH, FOX 61, Connecticut Magazine, and Sheen Magazine.

Nyakana is a true trailblazer. All of her Devine efforts and hard work has laid the foundation for her Niyah Zuri movement, in which she motivates and uplifts youth, women, and all individuals to inspire them to “live purposefully” on their paths through various speaking engagements. Being a mother, she truly understand the importance of having content suitable for all ages. It makes total sense as to why the Connecticut star has created an incredible children books series titled  “Niyah Zuri” series. By doing this, she has created a unique way of staying connected to her children and children around the world.

With a hand any many successful ventures Anna Nyakana continues to raise the bar higher and higher. Currently she is thriving in the space of hosting! Set to host the 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV special on Fox, as well as the 2nd Annual Elm City Lit Fest September 11 & 12, she simply cannot lose. Tory Lanez even approves of Nyakana expertise as she is also set to host his Live Benefit Concert later this year.

To learn more about Anna Nyakana be sure to follow her on Instagram @niyah_zuri.

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