Christianne La’triece, born Christianne Latriece Little on July 1, 1994 in Chicago IL; is an artist, actress, model and so much more. Growing up, everyone called her a songbird, and in high school she was known as “the ipod stuck on repeat.” No matter where La’triece is, she’s known for her beautiful voice. La’triece moved to Ann Arbor, MI at age 13 where she realized all she wanted to do was sing. Growing up in a house filled with musicians, it was no surprise to her parents (Leonard & Lee Stovall) that she wanted to be a singer. At age 16, during the summer of 2010 La’triece struck interest in the modeling industry, so Mrs. Stovall entered La’triece into two beauty pageants where she was spotted by scouts from John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center. This is where her Modeling & Acting Career began.


From concerts, and fashion shows, to photo shoots, and a lead role in a hit web series La’triece was living her dream, but felt as if something was missing. Trying to pursue a career in this industry living in Ann Arbor was rather hard due to the town being so small, so at age 17 Mr. & Mrs. Stovall moved their family to Atlanta, GA where La’triece created the motto. “I’m not a dreamer I’m a goal-setter, and I set goals higher than you can dream.” La’triece felt she was no longer chasing a dream, but pushing to achieve her goal of becoming a famous singer, actress, and model, being a role model to all young girls who watched her. Once La’triece relocated to Atlanta, it was somewhat hard for her, because she had to start completely over. Coming down here with no connections, and the many talented children with the same goal as hers; it became overwhelming. But she had to make herself realize, “You did it before, by yourself, you can do it again, by yourself.” So she began to network, from going to events such as Bronner Brothers Hair Show, & FSO20; video shoots for artist such as Jacob Latimore, Issa Thompson, & Jacquees. Exchanging numbers with different producers, artists and managers, I guess you can say “She was on her grind”. Within the first 9 months of being in Georgia, La’triece was unstoppable. She re-launched her jewelry line entitled “CLatriece Designs”; became a member & the youngest liaison of Pink City Corporation, Level 3. La’triece also became thee Atlanta Ambassador for Uhatin’ University and is also a part of “SimplyC360” “SimplyCTeens” ( internship program, where she works hand in hand with companies such as CNN, TNT, CBS, PBS, & ESPN. As La’triece works with different music producers, and many other artists in the Atlanta area she is well on her way to being your next R&B/Pop Sensation! In 2012 alone she released her first official single, “Only A Dream” and filmed The Start Up a movie with Teyana Taylor, Diggy Simmons & Jason Weaver. 2018 is here, and she is prepared for every challenge and obstacle that may be thrown her way. With a National Tour, and the release of “All Day“for download, Christianne La’triece is well on her way. Click Here For Bookings