One thing New York is known for is its high end fashion. Fashion influencer Soli Corbelle has built a career as a fashion forward creative, influencing the fashion and art world. As someone who understands the power of looking good on the inside and outside, she wants to make sure the world can draw inspiration from her unique style.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Soli Corbelle for a brief interview below. As she openly discusses her favorite looks from 2019, favorite designers and what it means to be an influencer, it is easy to understand why she is becoming so influential in fashion

Soli Corbelle Interview 

What are some of your favorite looks from winter 2019?

Soli: Some of my favorite looks from winter 2019 include neón turtlenecks, snakeskin, and chunky chain necklaces which were all very popular this year.

Who are your favorite designers?

Soli: Being from New York I have a true love for fashion. My favorite fashion designers include legends Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Adam Selman.

What does it mean to you to be an influencer in fashion?
Soli: To me it means people can pull inspiration from my personal style and develop their own style based off of things they see me wear day to day. Being a fashion influencer allows me to influence the fashion world in a positive and stead fast manner.

How has growing up New York impacted your fashion sense?
Soli: It has impacted my fashion sense tremendously. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by fashionistas and the best designer boutiques in the U.S.

How would you best describe your style?
Soli: It’s all over the place honestly. Business = band t-shirts, suits and manolo BBs. When I am not at work I wear a lot of street wear that is still very stylish.

Do you consider fashion to be an art?

Soli: Yes of course!

Where do you draw inspiration from when getting dressed on the regular?

Soli: I actually draw inspiration from street style blogs, and social media. More specifically Instagram.

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