It is very sad when a grown man attacks a woman on the internet. Maybe they feel inferior or maybe they are just jealous. Sage Francis some artist …decided to insert himself into a conversation that had literally nothing to do with him.  He attacked a well known publicist aka me… I tried to show Sage all of the news outlets that had covered me as a publicist. It’s not hard to use google to find out that I am indeed a publicist. Unfortunately for Sage he doesn’t realize that I am not just  a publicist but a website manager. I work with over 40 bloggers and PR who rely on me as a means to service their clients. Most people in the blog world know me as “the plug”  If Sage knew better he would realize I could be very valuable to him. Oh well. I guess court it is.

I managed Jack Thriller’s bloggers for almost a year who now write for my site Lady Thriller Entertainment.  There is something to be said about a man who refuses to fact check. I don’t know one single publicist that has been as visible as I have been and is a fraud. The links I provided  still did not equal proof for this obviously bothered 40 something year old man. I don’t know one publicist who could fake her whole career. Yeah guys I just snuck my way into all those red carpets in LA. I faked my relationship with Bill Cosby accuser Beth Ferrier through getting the SOL passed in California.  Oh and those petitions I ran ya know the one that gained 1.3 million signatures and the one now that currently has over 320 thousand signatures... yeah that’s all fake too. Is the press about the California Assembly fake too?  I always promote my bloggers services as a show of kindness and support to the bloggers who write for my site. Needless to say no matter how much I tried to explain who I was Sage continued to call me a fraud and go as far as to say I am not a publicist. Sage is going to end up in court for defamation and slander as I can easily prove my work and my career.  I hope he’s ready because claiming I am not a publicist and trying to harm my lively hood that feeds my child is something I will not tolerate it.  I am a board member of and  Bill Murray is like a father figure to me and my work will not be questioned by an angry man who can’t read. My social activism and PR work is very dear to me.  If Sage can’t discern that I was supporting one of my bloggers then he will pay for that.

If you want to call someone a fraud make sure they haven’t had a 6 year career as a public figure who has appeared on TV not to mention being signed by Justin Timberlake for the Myspace project that never really took flight but was amazing to be apart of  in addition to mainstream websites as I have. A lot of people will be jealous or intimidated by you in this industry. Don’t get mad. Just show the receipts.

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