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“What a difference a year makes” is an age old statement, but one that is also truer than most realize. Every year the world is changed in some form, and the people in it are too. Just think back to last August and remember what was your main concern at the time compared to now and I am sure it will be something different. Jayy Starr is no exception as she has shown tremendous growth over the course of the last 12 months.

When we spoke to Jayy Starr last she was fresh off of dropping her South Centralized mixtape, which has gotten her mass acclaim. Furthermore she took part in one of the industry’s greatest positive initiatives with her contributions to the Fresh Empire campaign. The work with Fresh Empire to promote a healthier lifestyle free of tobacco granted Jayy Starr an array of opportunities. She used the chance as a tool to get her face everywhere from major publications like Complex, Vibe and others to national TV spots during BET’s Hip-Hop Awards. More important than that is the message for Jayy Starr though, as she can personally relate to the dangers of tobacco through the loss of her grandfather to lung cancer.

Now on the back end of her biggest year to date, Jayy Starr is prepared to make more major moves and get back in the studio as well. We at 1DF caught back up with our old friend to get some feedback on how the breakthrough of a  year has felt from the viewpoint of the one experiencing it. To hear her thoughts and learn all about what she has brewing next check out our full interview’s audio below.