Judson Wright is new to the music scene as a solo artist, but he is already making a strong impression. His music combines elements from all over to create a sound that is uniquely Judson’s. This is evident by his latest musical release “Palm Trees“. After taking a liking to the song we aimed to find out more about the talented artist and get some insight on what makes him tick.

1) For anyone new to you could you tell us about yourself?

I’m Judson Wright. I’m from Madison, MS which is just north of Jackson. I’m 24 years old. I’m a music artist, songwriter, and producer. I play saxophone and keyboard. I am part of the Sadboiz Radio collective.

2) Who are some of your biggest inspirations musically and why?

I find myself constantly drawing inspiration from different genres. Kanye West, Kid Cudi, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, Fleet Foxes, Brian Blade, Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar are all huge for me. Recently I’ve been really in to Prokofiev’s orchestration for Romeo and Juliet and Tierra Whack.

3) How do you feel your influences reflect in your own music?

Lol I’ll expound on those. Kanye continuously teaches me vulnerability is the key to relating with your audience. Kid Cudi teaches me how to vibe. John Mayer teaches me to aspire to be sneaky brilliant in my music instead of trying to showboat. Frank Ocean teaches me how to write entire profound thoughts into one infectious line at a time. Coldplay teaches me how to vibe another way. Fleet Foxes teaches me to take my time and paint broad strokes. Brian Blade teaches me how to musically talk to God. Chance teaches me how to be myself and still win. And Kendrick teaches me how important it is to master your craft. I can’t say I’ve covered all of these lessons in my music yet, but I’m getting there haha.

4) What is it like growing up and doing music in Mississippi? There is a lot of history there musically.

It’s creepy how cats from Mississippi can be favored when we get out of the state. There isn’t something in the water, but sometimes I still wonder because of all the raw talent that is here. I’ve heard from people that have played through tons of the country, and they say the talent level in Mississippi is just different than most areas aside from huge population hubs. The history must have something to do with it. There is a huge emphasis on soul because of the blues history. Soul has huge cross-genre appeal. If you can learn to play soulfully you can get around in most of what’s played in the US.

5) Do you feel like you would ever want to move to another market to do music or are you comfortable where you are?

If the demand is there, sure. But, my dream is to do my writing in Mississippi, then take it to the cities. If somebody needs me to help on a record they can fly me out to work. I enjoy the pace of Mississippi. It makes for wonderful creative environments.

6) Your last single “Palm Trees” just dropped recently, tell us about how it came together?

I came back from a trip in Los Angeles and was so inspired. Mississippi is amazing, but to feel the ceiling level rise when you go to LA is a rush. It’s the New York, New York feeling. If I can make it here, I’m good. And that possibility feels so much closer in a city like LA. I picked up a guitar I had just bought while in LA and played that chord progression you hear throughout the song. From there I made the drum beat and wrote the hook. I knew it was special once the hook was on, so I let it sit for a while then finished it a few months later. I brought in my constant collaborators AbstractReflex and El Oso from Sadboiz Radio to fill out 16 bars and add an extra guitar part.

7) Did you make the message in the song more so for yourself, or to help the listeners who may be going through something similar?

Somewhere in the middle of that. Palm Trees illustrates an anxiety that I think many people in my generation are feeling at this stage in our lives. The depression of unrequited life. There’s an anxiety that goes along with wanting the whole world when you’re in your 20s. Things are supposed to just happen. My life’s supposed to come together as fast as I can stream The Departed or look up the word unrequited in Google. But, life doesn’t always work like that, and I can’t help but walk away sometimes and say to myself, “I hate this.” Well I don’t want to hate it anymore. Somewhere there’s everything you’ve ever wanted waiting for you on a peaceful, serene palm tree. And when you finally see it, you’ll wonder why you ever worried so much to begin with.

8) Can we expect a music video for the single?

Lol I probably should get to working on that. Only if OnTheSceneNY covers it 😉

9) What else do you have in the works that we may be unaware of?

My plan is to release 6 singles this year. This is number 2. We’ve got 4 more to go. My compatriots in the Sadboiz Radio collective have music coming out under the name Pink Palaces that is going to be excellent.

10) In 10 years where do you see yourself?

With that dream I told you about earlier where people send for me to help them on records. Hopefully with more relationships in which the old ones only grow deeper and the new ones are as exciting as ever.

11) What is the main feeling you want to evoke in the listeners when they hear your music?

Whatever I felt when I first heard the song in my soul.

12) If you could relive any single day of your life what day would it be and why?

I’ll relegate that to the past year or so hahaha. Those days when I was in LA last year were amazing. I’ll point one day out in particular. I took two separate trips to LA last year. On the second one I was nervous because I couldn’t lock down as many appointments as I was able to do for the first trip. I woke up on the fourth day or so in and was kinda starting to stress. I started looking around for events going on in the area and saw Taylor Bennett was playing in the Echoplex. I decided it was time to pitch this man my saxophone skills for his music lulz. So, I showed up early to the concert. I befriended some college kids that were about 4 years younger than me. We make our way in and see the show. After the show I was gonna make my way to Taylor. After the concert Taylor talks to tons of people, but I couldn’t get to him in time. He slips away. So I start walking back to the outside of the venue. I just so happened to reconvene with my college buddies from earlier. We all sit around and watch as people leave. I told myself I was gonna be the last person to leave the venue if that’s what it takes to accomplish my goal. Eventually, the college kids end up talking to papa Bennett who was at his son’s show and pulls some strings. The next thing I know I’m talking to Taylor. After I got done with our brief, cordial conversation I looked around to see that I was in fact the last one at the Echoplex. To this day, nothing came of that conversation, but I look back fondly over that night because I went to far out of my comfort zone and came back alive with so many lessons learned.

13) What is the biggest regret you have in life?

Not making an EPK sooner

14) What is your main goal before the year is over with?

I want to get my singles out and try to crack a particular stream amount.

15) If you could work with any artist all time dead or alive who would it be and why?

You put me in a room with Kanye, Kid Cudi, or John Mayer and I’ll die happy. Put me in a room with all three of them and I’ll die right there.

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