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Millionz of Bar$ Drops New Single “Hand Stand” Get To Know Him



Where are you from?

New Jersey made, Connecticut raised me!

How did you get started making music?

My mother, first off, was a big music enthusiast. My father used to DJ at the neighborhood parties when I was growing up, so I was sworn into music before I was able to even talk. (And here we are now.)

What are some of your music influences?

Busta rhymes, DMX, Mobb Deep, Jay-z, Dipset, G-Unit, Drake.

What are some of the concepts involved in making your new project?

These projects are my recording of real life, real situations. Whether its finding our way into a good situation for an awesome party, or wondering if it’s all worth it. The grind, the sacrifice, or just what I see going on in the industry. Always keeping your eyes on the road and watching how u steer!!!!!

What events do you have coming up?

You can catch me in a city near you. Working on tour dates to get this music to my fans, who I love. Dates will be available on my website

Who Produced The Song? Who is featured on it?

“Handstand” was produced by $antos. Lyrics were written and performed by me, Millionz of Bar$.

Will there be a full project coming based around this?

Road 2 Milllionz is in the oven right now on 400 degrees, almost ready to be served to the world!!

Who Shot the video? and there affiliation?

GP, Tha Director (Harold Shipley) actually shot the video. We do a lot of in house production, it was dope to get it done with my right hand man.

Is There anything else you want to tell your fans?

Thank you and remember we are brining that new energy for the culture. This is not just my journey, it’s our journey. Road 2 Millionz coming soon, “Handstand” out now on all platforms.


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Meet Bae Bae: The Cali Artist On The Rise To Mainstream




Rapper/Singer Bae Bae is up next to blow. With a hot, new single and video, he is ready to the show the world what he is made of. Looking for Mrs. “One N Only” I got a chance to catch up with the rising artist for a candid Q&A conversation to introduce him to the world and our readers. Get to know Bae Bae below.

Bae Bae Interview

Who is Bae Bae?

Bae Bae is rapper/singer/ producer, who is going to be a staple in the culture, with his music. A visionary who wants nothing but positive energy to be spread to the world.

How did you come up with your rap name?

My rap names comes from my childhood. I use to watch a lot of Proud family and BeBe”s Kids hence where I got my name, also due to BeBe from proud family, the baby with the curly afro, that I have tatted on my arm.

How would you describe your original sound as you can sing and rap?

I would describe my sounds as unique twist on Trap Soul, I think that’s where I fit the best under category of sound.

Who musically inspires and inspired your decision to do music full time as a recording artist?

Bryson Tiller is hands down the artist that made me believe in myself to become a full time recording artist. HIs story of rejection before fame always resonated with me because he’s so talented and people would underestimate his artistry and his vision. Keep doing what you’re doing is a principle he’s had since trap soul and I promised myself that I would, so thank you Bryson Tiller.

What was the inspiration behind your new “One N Only” single?

The inspiration behind my single, “One N Only”, is based on the lil links I had over the summer. I really wanted to speak on the part where I feel most people my age can relate to, like the part when you asking what we finna do, who finna make the first move, like what really finna happen if I slide.

Explain your vision for the visual as it is your first major release of the year?

With this visual I really just wanted to tell the story of a link, that’s not special or planned out. No lingerie, no flower pedals, just casual teens about to link.

When can we expect a full project from you?

You guys can expect a full project from me within the next month and a half. Definitely in works, and more than 60% done.

How can fans stay in contact with you?

Fans can stay on contact with me through Instagram, my Instagram handle is @baaebaaee.

Press play below to stream the official “One N Only” single and click here to stream the music video.

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Wade Wilson Releases ‘Chop House’ Album & Interview



Vetted Hip Hip artist Wade Wilson releases his new album ‘Chop House’ with production by Kiza. The BK-based wordsmith chops it up on The MJ Hour about the new album, success in the industry, emcee/producer chemistry, mental illness in Hip Hop, and more.

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