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Auidi (@auidimusic)- ‘Trifecta’



With claims to be the first independent artist to ever release a debut album with 30 songs, rapper Auidi drops his highly anticipated debut project Trifecta. 

Titled after Auidi’s ability to sing, rap and song-write, Auidi is truly a 3-in-1 talent with a range of sounds and abilities. 

To date Auidi has collaborated with Caskey, Malik Yusef, Fikshu and Lee England Jr to name a few, so new listeners of his music will find he is well rounded and skilled at his craft.  

Released on his birthday May 19th, this album is broken down into three sections of 10 songs,  and reinforces his claims to be the “epitome of versatility.”

“This album is the epitome of versatility. Trifecta literally means three great events occurring at once, and that is exactly what I feel I have done with this album,” Auidi explained. “I have created an album composed of three pillars or sections which contain 10 songs each. So the album contains 30 songs in total, that will deliver different vibes and shine a light on the 3 styles of music I create the most.”

Eager to deliver the project to all fans of his music, Auidi has made Trifecta available on a host of streaming providers like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. 

“I am making history with this album. I worked so hard on this project and I hope the world is ready to hear what my team and I have created,” Auidi said.  “I’m releasing my album on my birthday as a gift to all my fans. I’d be nothing without you guys. And for the first-time listeners, thank you for giving me a shot and please go follow me on IG @auidimusic.”

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(Audio) Lomel – It’s Over @lomelsworld





Lomel takes the breakup song in different directions with “It’s Over”

Massachusetts artist Lomel’s pain over a real-life breakup is tangible on his new track. “It’s Over” cuts straight to the heart lyrically, eschewing pretty sentimentality for the reality of divorce. Lomel sings about how amazing the relationship was while it lasted while also making no secret of the fact that even once-loving couples can come to detest the sight of each other, which rings true because of how real it is.

When speaking of the song, Lomel says, “I wrote this song thinking about the relationship me and my ex-wife had and how it’s all over now… I wanted to make sure anybody else going through something similar could relate.” The song reflects this desire, with production by Ian Christian that merges melancholic piano with soaring strings, all underscored by a strong beat, perfectly completing the way Lomel’s voice oscillates from melancholic yearning to serious confession. This is the perfect song to put on when thinking about a broken relationship. Lomel might want to help listeners move on, but “It’s Over” proves that he’s a musician people should stick around for.

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G.Canady – Grind ( New Music ) @gcanadyofficial




Gregory Keith Canady Jr. (born August 5, 1992), known professionally as G.Canady, is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Born in Fayetteville, NC. G. Canady gained his recognition from his hometown while being a part of the rap group, Bang Out Squad (B.O. $). In 2010 he took his talents to Texas, where he released his first series of Beast Mode mixtapes as a solo artist. Now residing in Atlanta, GA, G.Canady released his mixtape Urban Greatness in 2016. Less than a year later in 2017, he released his highly anticipated F.E.A.R (Face Everything And Recover) project. The F.E.A.R project created a lot of traction down the East and West coasts with his hit singles Hustling Women and Letter to God. His biggest influencers for music are hip-hop artists UGK, Ice Cube, Twister, DMX, Nipsey Hussle, and Nas.

GRIND Cover Art copy

Song Description:
• Grind is a motivational song that tells you that crying and waiting for someone to help you won’t work get up and make it happen for yourself.

Music Video Hustling Video :

Social Media Handles:
• Twitter: @gcanadyofficial
• Instagram:@g.canady
• Facebook: @officialg.canady
• Email:

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