The Austin based trio, 5-D has been swiftly working on their craft over the last couple of years. From projects like Rhymestack and SubKulture Patriots (SKP), Cron, RuDi and HBZ, grew in their strengths until they ultimately partnered up on their new venture, Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe, better known as 5-D.

Their project rings with familiarity but drives with its own flair. Each rhyme flows with ease and tells a story that keeps you listening, while the beat keeps the grit and further delivers each message. It’s clear that the group has been sharpening their tools, and is now ready to present their full product.

“Burger Cheese” is nothing short of a groovy retro hip hop tune, full of lush synths and expert level vocal layering. When asked about the name and what exactly the burger means the group explained that the name Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe, in fact sounds like a burger, and therefore comes as a play on words. By taking different parts from each of their talents, they were able to create a delicious burger, that will have you devouring it in just 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

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