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Chev – Spur of the Moment



Emerging from the constantly evolving streets of Inglewood, California rapper Chev of Develop N’ Greatness Music Group delivers his new project Spur of the Moment.

Refusing to let up, this 14 track project is filled with the bar after bar of game as Chev rarely presses on the brakes and reps his city and DNG team fullest. With a calm flow that touches on boldest street topics, Chev has a uniquely unfettered flow that deserves real attention from real rap fans.

“Spur of the Moment is basically like you’re acting off of the vibe that’s going on at that moment and at that time, right now. So basically we had our plan of how we were going to come up with this tape but at the same time it was a lot of shit going on that we had to freestyle – shit wasn’t going as planned. So our whole movement became Spur of the Moment,” Chev said. “Like we had to come up with videos in 2 hours, I’m going down for fucking cases, I’m going and getting busted, going down bailing out, nigga I bail out we still got a deadline to drop a tape, to drop the videos and all that shit so, it was hectic but we still got it done. That shit still played out the right way as planned, it still went as planned. But it wasn’t ABCD it was like A-C-M-G-H then back to B and shit, you see what I’m saying? It was a whole way but we got that shit done,”

Focusing on lyricism while at the same time remaining true to the street entertainment Chev prides himself on effortlessly delivering bars with metaphors and similes all while not flinching or seeming to break a sweat.

“So my style of music is like I said I got bars, and with the bars like… so first off, I got metaphors, I have got similes, I do imagery, I don’t know if you know what I am really talking about, but imagery like, telling what is going on, youre painting a picture of what is going on, and that’s where the stories come from. I’m telling you exactly what’s going on then I put metaphors and bars inside of that shit,”

With a host of videos planned for the release of his project Chev has videos shot for “No Stimmy,” “Big Smoke” and “Bandemic” planned for the fans and now available on YouTube.

“I got a video called No Stimmy out now, you know that’s like some Detroit rapper shit, we got like a Detroit sound just because of the Detroit beat, we’ve got another song it’s called Big Smoke on some LA shit, we did that video it just hasn’t come out yet. As a matter of fact we got a cool couple of features on the tape, you know Rio da Yung OG, we’ve got my nigga on there, we have got that Couchie man, yeah, that nigga YN Jay, we have got to him. We got one more song on there it’s kind of a cool banger, it’s called Bandemic. Basically it’s like 11 tracks on there, 11 tracks 3 skits, 14 in total. It’s a good body of work; I can’t wait for it to come out it’s going to be some pressure for the streets for sure.”

Dedicated to anyone that’s trying to make something out of nothing Chev delivers real inspiration for not only Inglewood, California but the whole West Coast.

“It’s a cool ass body of work. Shout out to everybody that’s trying to make a dollar out of $0.15, that’s what the tape is talking about, my whole tape is about getting it how you live, shout out to everybody that’s trying to make a dollar out of $0.15 whatever you’re doing.”

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Quianna Crute – Oh Adonai



Catch the Vibes WIth Quianna Crute WIth Her New Single “Oh Adonai” From Her Album “Created to Worship”

In her debut album, “Created to Worship,” esteemed praise leader and choreographer Quianna Crute creates a yoke-breaking, deliverance-inducing musical worship experience. The first single, “My Love Letter” is just that… a powerful praise and worship composition that exposes Quianna’s heart for God in its rawest and most intimate state.

Quianna states: “I want my concerts to be the place where people come to get a message through the music that brings life to the dying, hope to the hopeless, and renewed faith to people who are on the brink of giving up on God. I want my concerts to be like a reservoir where people can come, be filled and have an experience with God that will change their lives forever, all over the world. I want to see people on their knees, arms and hands lifted, purging, and crying out to him… everyone on one accord worshiping and praising the true star, Jesus Christ.”


Quianna Crute Music

Atlanta, GA 30318

P: 404.484.1831



About Me

“I want to be used by God to create an atmosphere where

people can come get healed,

delivered and be filled”

-Quianna Crute-

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Rapper Carvill B Drops A Theraputic Gem With “Change”




Rapper Carvill B intends on changing the course of Hip Hop back to it’s original essence. Carvill B was born in Shreveport Louisiana but raised in Compton California. Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakeable will to succeed, the head strong emcee is already making a huge impact in the independent music scene. He uses effortless lyrics and catchy melodies in his songs. Carvill B is committed to providing the world with quality, cutting edge music.

The multi-talented rapper explores the complex struggles of everyday life through his music. Moreover, his influences include music icons like Sade,Nas, Goodie Mob, Rick Ross and Pink Floyd. and scarface. Carvill B’s mission to impact the music industry with unique passion and creativity. He is a musically versatile and he presents a prismatic array of sounds and melodies.

The wordsmith is currently Riding off the momentum of his hot new single “Change” featuring Alonda Rich with production by Dream Life. A therapeutic means of expressing himself, ‘Change’ portrays Carvill’s own struggle with spiritual development, religion and the discipline of adherence to religious guidance and tenants.

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