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Double Gee, The Tchula, MS native emerges as one of the hip hop’s hottest new sensations



The Tchula, MS native emerges as one of the hip hop’s hottest new sensations. Double Gee has been rapping his entire life and gained initial inspiration from artist such as Rick Ross and Gucci Mane. Double Gee previously dropped a project on all streaming platforms titled “Street Poetry 1.” Another popular single to check out is “LLV Song” that can be found on the EP. Double Gee makes his presence known with his own style of rapping and singing. He also provides a mixture of slow and upbeat melodies.

Growing up in Mississippi Double Gee learned the music industry at a young age. His musical influences include Lil Baby, Moe3 and NBA YoungBoy. His mesmerizing genius draws in the most dedicated material that meets the ears. Before rapping, Double Gee played sports and was always a determined individual who’s biggest pro was connecting with strangers. Double Gee is a huge family man.

“Everything I do is for my family”- Double Gee

In the future Double Gee wants to be in film and invest in real estate. Double Gee relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana and signed to the independent label “Never Stop Grinding”. Double Gee is also multifaceted with interest in collaborating with anyone who makes good music. He prides himself on setting a goal and achieving it.

Double Gee sound is not comparable to any other artist on the scene. His music describes real world scenarios seen and heard. On YouTube Double Gee averages over 10 thousand views within 48 hours.

Early in his career, Double Gee has performed at streetgang music group showcase, as well as shows in Indianapolis and Mississippi, where he was the headliner. Double Gee relates to the fans with real in-depth storytelling.

What separates Double Gee is his willingness to stand out and be himself. Check out this hidden Gem before it is too late!

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RANNA ROYCE’S Dark and Twisted New Tale, “SMITH & WESSON”, Will Blow You Away




Promising Cali lyricist RANNA ROYCE is back with a vengeance and a gun in todays new offering – SMITH & WESSON. RANNA’s latest creation is a follow-up to her KXNG CROOKED assisted single, WORDPLAY, and is without a doubt her most powerful narration to date.

Paired once again with her equally talented co-creators, Isqo and Izzy, RANNA showcases her wordplay dexterity throughout SMITH & WESSON with her semi-automatic speed. Set against the backdrop of this American Psycho-inspired music video, RANNA switches effortlessly from victim to miscreant as her dark and twisted narrative unfolds, gleefully reveling in her own depravity. As usual, her signature, trippy, Tim Burton-esque visual will have you screaming, “I’ll have what she’s having!”

If you are checking RANNA’s music out for the first time, you should know that SMITH & WESSON is no anomaly. Previous releases like Kay IveySilent Night (Carol Flo), and Oh Shoot see everything from abortion, rape, and school shootings coming in to her crosshairs. RANNA’s gift though is that her bar-for-bar poignancy and riebald black humor are never obfuscated by even the ghastliest of tales.

SMITH & WESSON is out now everywhere to stream!

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Mooktoven Wants You To “Hit Em Up” With Unfoonk




Atlanta never misses when it comes to hip hop stars. Platinum hitmaker and rising music artist
Mooktoven is putting on for ATL in a major way. Coming fresh off the release of his “Hit Em Up single featuring Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk, he is balancing being a CEO of his own label, signing a publishing recording deal with Empire and being one of the hottest creatives in the south.

Adding Unfoonk to this release was genius as the two have a musical chemistry that is unmatched. As Mook produces and raps fans get a chance to see how he bridges the two in a sonically pleasing trap  manner. The original trap cadences mixed with both of the emcees thriving vocals creating a memorable listening experience for the ear. Unfoonk does a great job of showcasing his raw talent making it easy for Mook to craft up yet another hit single.

“Hit ‘Em Up” is essentially the lead single off of Mook’s forthcoming highly anticipated Mooktoven Season 5 project release. As it is scheduled to be released before the end of the year, this is the perfect holdover for fans to salivate on until the project releases. This single is a record you didn’t even know you needed in your life. The high quality of production is something Mookotven prides himself in.

Press play below to listen to Mooktoven’sHit Em Up” single featuring Unfoonk.

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