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FM Duke Teams Up with Layzie Bone to Get This Money @mrBTC



Damin “FM Duke” Lewis started in the music industry when him and one of his childhood friends entered a talent show in the fifth grade. Winning the talent show with an original song made FM Duke realize the extraordinary talent making music that was inside of him.

FM Duke broke into the industry by participating in an underground grassroots movement around Cincinnati, OH. Guided by midwest distributor Judy Jones who also introduced him to Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor.

Over the past 5 years he has been a part of the “Street’s Most Wanted Tour” as well as throwing showcases and parties. In addition, Duke is involved in the Boys to Men program for the youth to show them how to do some of the basic things men need to know how to do such as give themselves a shave or tie a tie. He also does an apprenticeship program through his construction company.

“I didn’t just get here, I’m the OG, so if you didn’t know me then, you know me now!” FM Duke said.

Currently, FM Duke is a part of Capital Structure Entertainment, an independent record label. The label is extremely busy with the recent releases of Ty Bri and DJ Ryan Wolf. However, Duke also has a Cincinnati project he is working on, an EP that showcases three young Cincinnati artists.

After meeting at a show in Cinncinatti, FM Duke and Layzie Bone decided to collaborate on a track.

“The mix of pain, struggle, and evironmental elements make up the gritty Midwest flavor we have come accustom to” – FM Duke

“Get This Money” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Stay tuned for more coming soon from FM Duke.

For more information on FM Duke, check out his social media pages below:

Instagram: @ogfmduke
Twitter: @mrBTC


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The Whole Sick Croo – Play Along



New music from The Whole Sick Croo reflects hot political themes 

WASHINGTON D.C. – DC area rocker, Phil Dubitsky delivers poignant political music which addresses present day concerns. His Hard Rock/Punk Rock fusion has a bit of rootsy Americana and Blues mixed with Heavy Metal aggression. 

His latest single, “Play Along” discusses different sides which participate and vote in a democratic society. Voting is not difficult to do, but the artist is critical of the options. Released in late September, the song is topical for what is going on right now. “Play Along,” the latest in a series of politically based releases, was written last year in anticipation of the current election cycle. 

“Play Along” features distinct slide guitar, bass riffs and bluesy scales, in contrast to Phil’s upcoming single, “Majority Rules,” a more straightforward rock track which tells how democracy results in the majority enforcing their idea of right and wrong onto the minority. The new single is due to be released on October 20. 

While creating awareness of issues, Phil tries not to be super preachy when putting his opinion out there for people. “While not all of my music is political, the singles I have put out in the back half of this year are fairly political. I use my music more as a way of getting the conversation started about socio political issues than specifically trying to tell people what to think or feel,” Phil stated. “By getting people to talk about or even just think about those issues, you start to open the door for those issues to be addressed and potentially fixed.” 

Currently releasing music under the name “The Whole Sick Croo,” Phil is working solo now. He does it all – from writing lyrics and melodies, to recording his instrumentation and vocals in a home studio. He also mixes and masters his own music. Phil has created an intelligent, more self sufficient way of working, allowing him to concentrate on producing and releasing music. 

Putting out lyrics that are right on the nose, Phil’s messages are straightforward and easy to understand. “For me personally, being more direct with your messaging means more people will realize what you’re saying.” Eager to encourage dialog, Phil Dubitsky is an artist who is not afraid to share his opinions. 

To listen to The Whole Sick Croo’s music or to follow Phil on social media, please visit: 

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(Video) Wwelloff – ELEVATION @wwelloff





Wwelloff releases his new single “ELEVATION,” a record that found life while freestyling in the booth. “ELEVATION” follows Wwelloff’s themes for the year of growth, elevating to a higher level of consciousness, and ascending in other aspects of life. The RXKZ-produced rap cut features a dark tantilating beat with accompanying vocals that will leave listeners feeling extremely motivated.

The “ELEVATION” video was inspired by wwellof’s love for Philadelphia and is prevalent throughout the piece. Filmed by cinematographer Sway Jimenez and a few close friends of wwelloff, simplicity was the goal, showcasing classic Philly and its striking architecture and skylines.

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