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Heartbreak Redd – “Unfortunate”



Heartbreak Redd - Unfortunate

Today South Florida based artist HeartBreak Redd delivers his new single “Unfortunate.”  Combining the sounds of hustler music with the sounds of his native Trinidad, HeartBreak Redd’s music reflects his mid-90’s New Jersey upbringing while also shining bright lights on his lavish Miami lifestyle that he’s come to enjoy. Reflecting the pain of hustling and the streets while also glamorizing the Miami life, “Unfortunate” is a breakthrough song for Heartbreak Redd that will bring him into focus for the masses. The single is now available for fans on all the streaming platforms as of May 28th.

“It’s a real deep record and it’s basically just talking about, it’s Unfortunate, I guess basically that people have preyed on my downfall, you know what I am saying? Unfortunate, is a record that I recorded like three years ago. I recorded it in my old apartment, on Brickell. It was the first crib that I had, on the east side of 95 in Miami,” Hearbreak Redd said. “For the Summer we are working on getting organized and we’re working on some singles and so on and so forth. We’re just trying to, like, put out something that’s diversified, something that’s just attracting that more than one type of audience, but like, an accumulation of many audiences in a sense.”

Born in Trinidad but residing in Miami, Heartbreak Redd’s mom moved him to America  in the mid 90’s for better opportunities and he’s travelled back and forth from the U.S. to Trinidad ever since
“I was born in Trinidad, a lot of my childhood life in Trinidad. You know what I am saying? If you know anything about Trinidad, it’s a third world country so my mom came to America at an early age, to obviously sacrifice to get me here in America and she was successful. So I was able to come to America during the mid-90s and I’ve been going back and forth ever since,” Heartbreak said.  “As I grew up, I went through different phases as I traveled around to different states and so on and so forth. Then I ended up just parking for an undetermined amount of time right here in Miami, like the last four or five years.”

Speaking on his varied sound that combines Hip-Hop with Reggae, Soca Calypso, Heartbreak Redd’s sound is diverse and encompasses the diversity of Caribbean cultures that will help him develop that crossover appeal.

“I am very diversified with the music that I put out, I don’t favor one type of style or type of individual. When I say style, I mean, in the same genre, where things always just sound similar. I just make music based on the feel, but like I said, I’m from Trinidad, so, I was raised up around Soca Calypso and Reggae, you know what I am saying? Then I came to America and got introduced to Hip-Hop real early, so, as I grew up, and went through different experiences and stuff like that in my life, I was able to grow on both ends, in a sense. I’m just being more diversified in making music and creating music in a sense.”

Part of the importance for him to travel back and forth to Trinidad is that he invests and gives back to the community there, providing the youth with computers and musical instruments so that they can grow and advance their knowledge of recording music and creating songs.

“When I was their age, not even eight, and I was way younger than them, I always wanted someone up in the states that could show me, talk to me and like tap in with me.  You want to do things for the youth, you want to send back some gear, you want to send back some equipment, you want to power up their passion and shit like that. It means everything to me, doing something for the future heads,” Heartbreak said.

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The Flow Was Crazy by Sarai The Artist on “Darth Vader” @sarai_theartist



After the release of her single “Bag” Sarai The Artist, is making some noise and even made much more impact with the visual to “Bag” that has garnered her huge attention. Of course it’s all about staying consistent and here she goes again with “Darth Vader”. Letting you know she can get down on the lyrical side, Sarai let it be known on this track she can get busy. If you underestimate her, you will be surprised!!!!

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The Cincinnati, OH native emerges as one of the R&B game’s hot new prodigies @DWatkinsForever



The Cincinnati, OH native emerges as one of the R&B game’s hot new prodigies. D Watkins has been singing since he was 14 years old and gained initial inspiration from his dad who was in a R&B group in the 80s. D Watkins dropped an album on YouTube titled “Elevation.” that gained several fans attention. Another single to check out is “Ride” which drops next week. D Watkins makes his presence known with his diverse levels of tempos. He also provides a mixture of life and love storytelling.

Before relocating to Atlanta, Ga D Watkins learned the music industry while having unlimited access to his family’s studio. One of his musical influences is the iconic Michael Jackson. His soulful genius gains the attention of some of the most respected critics. Before singing, D Watkins was always a passionate self starter with the eye of the tiger. D Watkins is also inspired by women, family, and black culture.

In the future D Watkins wants to have his own record label with multi-platinum selling artist and go on world Tours. D Watkins has performed at major venues in music hall, L.A. BET Experience and more. He strives to bring great R&B to the forefront.

His views on YouTube average over 5 thousand views within 24hours. D Watkins paints the picture of true love and amazing feels with his creative pen.

What separates D Watkins is his versatility and welcoming personality that has fans of all types intrigued. Check out D Watkins as soon as you can!





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