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New York-based group Hivemind releases their second single “Lil Jam” following their debut release track “Got Options!” The collective is made of three, Noct, the mixing wizard, producer, and frontman for the group, Crash, one of the frontmen and creative consultant and Ex Creator, the traveling artist and producer who takes in world experiences for the group’s music. Inspired by local artists in New York, it is very important to showcase the importance of being creative and authentic to your true self. Listen here:

Hivemind on their newest single:
“Lil jam is about anyone who’s been down on their luck but won’t let it defeat them. Knowing that life comes with ups and downs and it’s all about how you decide to jig to the “Lil jams”

Through their storytelling and unique visuals, Hivemind has been able to control its narrative and build as organically as it possibly can. They describe their music as “very expressive” and symbolic of their brotherhood — how they make them look like regular guys but underneath, there’s a lot of genuine creativity that captivates artists whenever they step into The Basement.

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TrappinOnWax Presents: The BarXzam BarXzam Feat. Army Regime @DJDAVEDOLLA



The #BarXzam Series is back after a 5 year hiatus from releasing content with new hard hitting emcees. The last BarXzam artist was Wordsmiff an Brooklyn Based heavy hitter! Dj Dave Dolla Taps back into Brooklyn again connecting with another BK instrumental killa, self proclaimed “Bar King” Army Regime A.K.A AR Dough, Regime Music Group’s founder & front man. Listen to nothing but flipped and tucked metaphors as he effortlessly cruises through each beat transition.

Link :

website banner(barXzam)

Army Regime is the founder of Regime Music Group and has toured nationally and internationally, using his music as a vehicle to inspire others and those around him. His most recent top charting project kontradiction
( ) serves as a reflection of his journey all while delivering quality music and even proves to be his best work yet.


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How Devante Monteze Steen AKA FRESH PYD Became A Household Name After Starting Out As An Independent Artist @freshpyd





Born on February 21, 1994, in New Haven, Connecticut, Devante Monteze Steen later became known by his stage name, FRESH PYD. Aside from being an American rapper, Devante is also the founder of Push Your Dream Records.

After years of hustling as an artist who releases independent material, he can now proudly say that he’s since become a household name.

Despite In pursuit of becoming a hip-hop superstar, Devante would later release successful records such as Broke Boys and be part of a standout performance with American rapper and New York legend, Fred The Godson, before his untimely death. This year is no exception.

He also released a hit record called 24 HRS featuring Mr. Papers which currently has over 20,000 views on Spotify.

And by February 19, 2021, he is set to release his biggest record to date, No Talkin’ featuring lotickets.

The Key to Following in His Footsteps

On his road to achieving success, Devante admits that the journey is not an easy one. Apart from working hard, he shared that there are a lot of things that need to be sacrificed to be able to get to where he wants to be.

“If you want to follow my steps in this game, you must sacrifice distractions. Whether that’s friends, family, or enemies, you have to stay focused on the task at hand and not let anyone steer you off your path! Sacrifice is the key,” he said.

Learn more about Devante Monteze Steen, aka FRESH PYD, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also listen to his songs on Spotify.

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