Possessing immense lyricism and a flow that molds to a beat like water to a cup is Davante Liv3. The southern-bred MC has a style that is uniquely thoughtful and well conveyed, making it feel as though you know the artist better after listening to his tunes. This rings very true on his new project “XCII“. The EP centers arounds themes from the 90’s and how they have helped to shape Davante into the person he is today. Noticing the quality of the music, along with the well-presented package made us want to reach out to the rising star for more insight into how the project came together.

Where are you originally from?

-I’m from the west side of New Orleans.

How did you start making music?

-I’ve always been able to freestyle pretty good but when it comes to actually writing down my thoughts. I’ll say going on 3 or 4 years now.

Why do you make music?

-It’s therapy for me. Really an outlet to express myself.

Who are your biggest influences?

– If we are talking just music I would have to say Tupac. If we talking about me personally ill say my dad. That’s my dawg.

What inspires you?

– Life bro. Just the everyday struggles that we all grow through as humans that balances out those natural highs. It’s a roller coaster bro

What inspired this album?

– Pac did this interview on MTV if I’m not mistaken in 92 talking about Trump and the world at the time. It connected with so much we go through in society today i just did more resource and found a lot about myself that subconsciously I think helped mold me into who I am.

What else about 1992 was reflected in this album?

-Once you listen to the album I think the story tells itself. Even some of the punchlines are words I chose throughout some songs all tie into a goal.

What’s the goal?

– That I can’t tell you lol. You gotta listen to the project for that.

With your Dad being on the intro, in what way(s) has he impacted your musical taste and/or influences?

-My dad is character man, dude really is hilarious lol. But he use to play The Temptations, The Isley Brothers, Teddy Pendergrass, earth wind & fire etc. The hip hop he really listen to was Pac & Snoop. My sister & my cousin really was the big influence for me with hip hop.

What is a main message you are trying to get across with this album?

-That I’m here to stay. It’s only the beginning man so much shit on the way, just locked in right now

How does this album comment on current social or political issues?

-What’s crazy is that in society us as the people are the news outlets. We really report what’s going on so with me having a voice I just shed light on as much as I can. I just speak on reality from all angles.

Is there a song in particular you are most proud of and why?

-I’m proud of the project in its entirety. I think it has something for every listener.

How do you stand out amidst other up and going artists?

-I’m myself honestly. I mean the more I look at others I take away from me as an artist. A lot of people puttin out some hard shit I’m just focus on me at this point. And with me saying that I just know that my pen is crazy lol.

How have you developed your career?

– Trial & error for real lol. 2017 was a crazy year for me as an artist. A lot was working against me instead of for me but I just turned those negatives into positives and kept them close for motivation.

What advice do you have for other up and coming artist?

– Bet on yourself every time. Only you know what you’re capable of.

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