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Welsh– Djyrsjerzy whats going on brother? I see you everywhere what sup?

Djyrsjerzy – I’m just on the grind man this has been a crazy year for me I am just staying focused and working hard right now. I know that one day all my hard work will pay off and I feel like that time is really coming soon. I have been getting a lot of love from everybody so I can’t let the people down.

Welsh – let me ask are you a Dj as in club? Or Mixtape? What is your role?

DJYrsjerzy – Right now I’m a mixtape DJ I don’t want to put too much on my plate right now so i am just focused on mixtapes right now. I am mainly working building SKE Records which is an independent label based out in Philly. I am also working hard for an artist i manage named Chox-Mak he is going to resurrect the boom bap era of hip hop.

Welsh – Where are you from?

DJYrsJerzy I am from Jersey City, New Jersey but I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina to focus on my music career. I feel like I can get a lot more work done down south than I could do up in New Jersey. There are a lot of distractions up there for me because I know so many people. Out in Charlotte I just feel like it’s easier to focus on my projects I have in the works.

Welsh- Do you rap also? I see you have other artist you promote as well?

DJYrsJerzy – No, I don’t rap I am a DJ and I am just pushing Chox-Mak heavy right now. I have yet to get a bad comment about his music everyone likes that he brings a different sound. He is one of the most versatile artists I ever worked with so by me just saying that i feel like he can take on any beat. You will definitely see a lot more projects from me and Chox-Mak in the future.

Welsh – I see you use to be affiliate with coast to coast do you still do work for them?

DJYrsJerzy– I never worked for them I was just another DJ that made an account at that time. I was a Coast to Coast DJ when I first started to get involved with this industry. Now I am doing my own thing and I don’t really need to be a part of DJ coalitions.

Welsh – You on the blog sites heavy man do you have your own blog site?

DjYrsJerzy – I don’t have my own website because I know too many people that own websites and they all support me. I am the promotional director of they were the first website to support me so I will always support them as well. It’s been dope to see all these websites and online magazines supporting me I’m just grateful for everything.

Welsh – Talk about your movement Ske records?

DJYrsJerzy – SKE Records isn’t necessarily my movement it was started a while ago by Q the Question and Trel Mack who signed me a couple months ago. Everyone in the SKE Records camp is a hard worker there is not one day when we aren’t grinding and making these moves to build the name. We also have a website with all of our information and recent projects everyone can go to to find the latest on what we are all working on.

Welsh – Now in Carolina how do you feel the HipHop scene out here?  I feel like it needs a lot of work but there are a couple dope artists outside of the city that I am in. I’m used to hearing dope music and I feel like a lot of these Carolina artists have to step their game up. For the most part it’s alright but there is a lot of improvement needed if this state really wants to be taken seriously in this industry.

Welsh – Do you think that executives are scared to invest in an artist from NC?

DJYrsJerzy  – I feel like they really don’t know about the scene and there aren’t really that many artists that are making noise in North Carolina right now. Most artists get over shadowed by Atlanta artists many NC artists travel to Atlanta anyway. SO I feel like nothing will really change for NC right now until people start making more moves in their own city instead of traveling somewhere else.

Welsh – You having your own movement are there any majors that are reaching out to you guys to help distribute?

DJYrsJerzy – Right now Chox-Mak does have some labels interested in him but I can’t give any details on that right now. We are just going to keep continuing to drop projects because the people are supporting both me and Chox heavily right now. We are defiantly on our way soon it’s just a matter of time.

Welsh – What’s the future for DJYrsJerzy and Ske records? The future is looking very bright for us Trel Mack will be one of the biggest artists in the game soon. We also have another artist that is next up after Trel and he goes by the name of Petter Jones. Q the Question always has something in the works so you never know where we will be in the future. I just know that we will definitely be successful.

Welsh – Is Chox-mak the face you pushing right now?

DjYrsJerzy – Chox-Mak is the main artist I’m pushing to the fullest right now he is signed to my management company DYJ Management. I plug Chox into everything I do because I know he has the talent and work ethic to become something big in the industry. Chox-Mak is going to be a big deal in the next couple of months you can mark my words.

Welsh – Coming into second half of the year what do you have plan? mixtapes? Shows? Videos?

DJYrsJerzy– I have a little bit of everything in the works right now. It was recently announced that I would be hosting a mixtape with HOT 97’s own Shauni Kulture it’s called “The Kulture Movement Vol. 1”. I would like to give a big shout out to K.B Tindal for setting that up. You can submit your music for the mixtape at

Welsh – My man I see you working heavy out here you on these blogs I wish nothing but success to you and keep in contact with us Onthesceneny.

DJYrsjerzy – No doubt homie big shout out to you and the whole OntheScene staff. I would also like to give a shout out to my clothing sponsors That Push, Super Ego, Ngenious Creations, No Bad Ideas Clothing Company and Vaste.

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New York Own Neila Tells Us How Growing Up Listening to Certain Songs and Artist Influence her thrive and entrance in the music lifestyle that she lives today.

Interview :


She recently released her 2nd entitled SAGE’,

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4toda5to Releases Impressive Visual For “Air McNair”




Fresh off the release of his most recent album #AyeDoe Pt. 2, 4toda5to is back with another impressive project. He just dropped off the visual for “Air McNair,” which is a standout single from the album. The visual is undoubtedly creative and unique, and puts 4toda5to’s talents on full display.

The independent artist is from Central Richmond, California, and wants his audience to take away an important message from his music.

“Stay motivated, get some money and mind your business,” 4toda5to said in a recent interview.

In the video for “Air McNair,” he spreads exactly that message. The visual, which can also be described as a “mini movie” and follows 4toda5to as he rides through the city with a homeboy discussing his plans for a come up. 4toda5to has a unique gift for creating a narrative that fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song. Combined with his impressive delivery and skilled rhymes, the emerging talent is someone you can definitely keep in your rotation.

We had the chance to interview the artist and ask him about his music journey so far.

Keep reading to learn more about 4toda5to and watch the video for “Air McNair” below.

Tell us about the project your most recent project, “Air McNair.”

I just dropped a visual for “Air McNair,” a track off my most recent project called #AyeDoe Pt. 2. Air McNair is a mini movie. It’s “get up off yo a–” music. The song, the video, the vibe all yell “go get it.” I’m learning that you have to fall in love with the process. Focus and discipline are what gets you what you want and puts you where you want to be. “Air McNair” is on repeat during that process.

What has the response been like to that project?
Crazy! The people have really been engaged with this video. It has a storyline that goes with the lyrics and this gives the viewer a reason to lock in. It’s one of those videos that makes you ask a friend if they’ve seen it.

What are some projects you’ve done in the past that you are most proud of and why?
The first #AyeDoe! I’m extremely proud of myself for putting in the work and dropping my first project. I learned a lot and it shows on this most recent project. Also, I dropped a mixtape called Might Not Be 4 U. I feel like I tapped into a completely different world. I opened up and let the pen bleed. I just let my emotions go and put them on the page. Man…that was some good sh-t on that project.

What’s next for you? Are you working on any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?
I’m grindin’ as we speak. Of course I have to deliver the final installment of the #AyeDoe series. I’m working on STILL Might Not Be 4 U. I’m gaining a little traction so I’m doing a bunch of features and to be honest I’m trying to drop as many videos as I can for the rest of the year. Just working on perfecting my craft.

What message do you hope fans take away from your music?
Stay motivated, get some money and mind your business. #ExtremelyDedicated.

Where can we follow you on social media?
You can find me on everything from IG to Youtube under 4toda5to. EVERYTHANG!

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