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JAYE B is Indianapolis’ Next Rising Talent – Stream ‘4 U’



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JAYE B is a buzzing artist based in Indianapolis who is quickly gaining traction. Born Jeffery Berry, JAYE B started releasing music in January of 2013 via SoundCloud. According to an interview with the independent talent, many of his earliest recordings were done through his iPod touch. Since then, Berry has released three projects, countless singles and laid the groundwork for a buzzing Indianapolis scene. His most recent project is titled 4 U & is available to stream everywhere.

The melodic project contains many R&B vibes and portrays JAYE B as an artist who is capable of versatility. For him, it’s clear to see how music serves as a point of expression and vulnerability.

Make sure you stream 4 U below, and keep reading to hear what JAYE B has to say.

What are some projects you’ve done in the past that you are most proud of and why?

My past three projects were Summer Madness, Thorns, and Come Home During Odd Times (CHDOT). I don’t have a project in particular that I’m most proud of because I’m at a different point mentally and physically, so each one is special and unique in its way. However, I feel like by the end of my career CHDOT, would be the one that I am glad I said everything I did say on that project. For it to be my first album, just because of how vulnerable I was and how the songs are even relevant to today’s society despite it going on three years old.

What’s next for you? Are you working on any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for? Include some dates if you have them.

My last releases have been impulsive, so I can’t exactly say the next project. I plan on releasing a deluxe version of Thorns, “Thorns & Petals” this spring/summer, along with numerous singles this year, I’m debating on dropping the LP that 4 U was made for or just starting over and see where the sound takes me from here, but A LOT is coming soon.

What message do you hope fans take away from your music?

Ultimately I hope they take away positivity from my music. I make it so it can appeal to any age, race, sex, or belief. God put me on this planet to use the gift he gave me to create, so I’m going to utilize that to its fullest potential. I aspire to inspire, and I am an artist.

Where can we follow you on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram @jayesuave or @jayehorus, my Twitter is @naptownazzy, Snapchat is @jayehorus, and I do have a JAYE B Facebook page.

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B.V.M – “Unrecognizable” (Single/Video) @BLACKVMALE





My upcoming EP is called Love and Pain. It’s about working out the balance between nurturing a relationship with someone I love while pushing forward with my ambitions in music. The project was created with a guerrilla style approach during the pandemic. The isolation occurred at the same time that I was going through a break up so I created three songs that speak to the love I had and three more about dealing with the loss.” – B.V.M

Check out his newest single “Unrecognizable” out now on all platforms & watch the music video on YouTube

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Priest Da Nomad – Out Da House (Album)




Legendary Washington, DC Hip Hop artist Priest Da Nomad releases “Out Da House” album. The post-Covid project is available on all digital platforms and includes guest features from soul artists Deborah Bond, Sy Smith, and J Hill. Nomad also recruits Storm the Unpredictable, and DJ RBI (on cuts).

The 9-track album is structured as a complete night out on the town. Nomad takes listeners along for a turn-up night leading into the day after of a cookout, mini trip, the park, or anywhere to once again, enjoy the finer things in life!

Nomad entices folks to get back into the vibe of LIFE and shake off any fatigue, sadness, isolation, etc. and get out da house.  Stream/download the album and connect with Priest Da Nomad on Instagram @priestdanomad and @priestdn on Twitter.


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