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Kenan Belzner – Decaying In My Mausoleum @kenans_music



Kenan Belzner is a producer from Toronto, Canada. He began producing electronic music at the age of 14 and has been pushing into many genres ever since. In 2019, an album he produced for Jacobus was nominated for the best Hiphop album of the year at the East Coast Music Awards. He consistently takes influence from multiple genres such Hiphop, EDM, Dubstep, and Pop to create new sounds and moods. His biggest influences are Skrillex and Getter. He admires them for their ability to cross into many genres and are versatile in their production style.

Planet 3 Collective, Based out of Toronto, Canada, consists of rappers Auxv and Cxlvelli. Inspired by artists such as Erykah Badu and $uicideboy$, Auxv sings melodies that will make the hair on your arms stand up. Cxlevelli’s raspy vocals and energetic flows resemble artists like Flatbush Zombies and Ghostemane. Both artists have different styles but complement each in a “yin yang” fashion.

This 4-track EP titled “Decaying In My Mausoleum” combines Kenan Belzner’s Electronic influenced heavy beats with Auxv’s and Cxlvelli’s dark lyrical themes and flows taking you out of “the Matrix” and giving you a peek of what’s behind the curtain. Both Auxv and Cxlvelli tapped into their dark side for this project, expressing their anger and frustration at the world. Also, sharing with the world their battles with their inner demons. They incorporate subtle political and ideological views in their lyrics, reflecting the current state of our society. They speak of their struggle with mental illness, emotional pain, and self-medicating drug use.

Along with the release of the EP, they have dropped a music video for “C-137 Anarchy”.

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Ladibree – “Pop Shit”




Uprising New York recording artist Ladibree kicks off the summer with a potential song of the season with the release of her latest song, properly-titled, “Pop Shit.” For the song, Ladibree delivers a young, fly and flashy personality that electrifies fans and build intrigue for the heat she has on the way for a game-changing season. Stream it now via Ladibree/Saint Bernard.

For Ladibree, the new single is a homage to the true essence of a New Yorker. She explains: “When you’re from NYC you learn very quickly that you have to be confident, you have to at least somewhat know yourself, and you have to be willing to pop your shit or else you’re liable to get lost in the noise. I have no interest in getting lost in all of that, so if I have to introduce myself or remind others of who I am and what I’m capable of, I will most definitely talk my shit and do so.”

“Pop Shit” sets up Ladibree’s forthcoming album which follows her 2019 EP, Only Everything. In 2021, Ladibree released previous buzzworthy appetizers in “Born Winner” and “I Lied (Freestyle).” To stay up-to-date on everything on the way from Ladibree, follow her on social media.

Stream and share Ladibree’s new single below.

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Maxkaella The Self Proclaimed “Pop Princess” Is Celebrating Her New MKSZN Project Release




Pop music has a new face and it belongs to South, FL self-proclaimed “Pop Princess,” Maxkaella. Returning to the scene with a fire new EP titled MKSZN this Florida native is on her way to the top musically. She served up an impressive body of work that listeners worldwide can tap into and relate to.

Released on June 11th, Maxkaella celebrated the release of her new ep “MKSZN,” in Miami, FL surrounded by family and friends at a private event. The event was produced by event planner and reality tv star Cree, the founder of Inspire Agency. To kick off the night, guests were greeted with savory appetizers like chicken and waffles, sounds by Dj Bankz, and an open bar featuring Uncle Nearest Whiskey.

Guest were also able to enjoy Interactive photo opportunities including a custom #MKSZN photobooth, delicious sweet treats, and a surprise music video premiere.

Mk Szn is an artistic expression of Maxkaella “owning her independence away from those who tried to dictate her future. MK SZN represents a growth season of letting go, moving on, and living ones best life with no regard.

Be on the lookout for this budding popstar. Maxkaella is excited to continue to showcase her talent through her artistry, release new visuals, and show the world a new side to pop music.

Click here to listen to one of the singles that appears on MK SZN titled “It’s Giving” from rising Florida superstar Maxkaella. She will be a household name in no time. Tap in with her on Instagram @maxkaella.

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