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Leintz Ft. Fred The Godson – “Whoa”



 Today we get a new single from New York City \ rapper Leintz, who collaborated with the late-Fred The Godson for the track “Whoa” produced by Mic Coats.

When the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody knew all the lives that would be lost, including one of New York City’s most respected and talented emcees, Fred The Godson. 

“Me and Fred had a very good connection. I contacted his manager then he gave me Fred’s number and history was made from there. We shared laughs, and he told me about himself, schooled me on how the industry worked and even met my son through FaceTime,” Leintz explained. “When he was hospitalized I held back on the release of my single just to make sure he was doing well. When his wife posted that he was getting better, I was excited.  Shortly two weeks later and three days after my single’s release, he tragically passed away.  I didn’t know how to handle that. Even though it was business, I believe in longevity and we could’ve ended up as good friends.”

But while Fred the Godson is gone in the physical form, Leintz is still carry the torch in his spirit, expanding on his lifelong passion to make music and write poetry. 

Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, Leintz has spent the last 10 years going back and forth from Colorado and New York as he was deciding where he wanted to settle. 

“I started off writing poetry at the age of nine on my elementary school boards, but due to depression and other tribulations at the age of 12, my poetry gradually came off aggressive.  Then I discovered I had to add a flow to it and it was all fun and games from there throughout high school. Once I got to college I started taking music more seriously,” Leintz explained. 

After taking time for several years to understand the music industry, this is the first official single by Leintz which has already gotten some major support after finding its way onto HOT97 radio in NYC  and with Shade45’s DJ Kay Slay.

Combined with the efforts and work of well-known manager and music businessman Smit BDM CEO, Leintz is creating timeless music that will reach the masses. 

Set to be featured on his upcoming project named after his son, The Santana Album, Leintz plans to spend the next few months promoting his “Whoa” single with subsequent album releases.  

“No shows for now since we are dealing with a pandemic worldwide but once everything is back to normal, I’ll be back to rocking stages again,” Leintz concluded. “Expect great content. I’m making music that everybody can relate to. My goal is to touch the people because I figured if I can tell my story, I’m probably telling their stories and that way I can give everybody good music”

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Jay Bezel – Money Bag Mob’N (Mixtape) Hosted by Sam Hoody



Jay Bezel coined as Bezel releases his latest mixtape ‘Money Bag Mob’N’ hosted by Sam Hoody. The Philly born rapper and at times NY and ATL based, delivers 12 tracks loaded with freestyles and in your face bars. Stream the mixtape and connect with Jay Bezel and Sam Hoody below.

01 Jay Bezel – Check Freestyle

02 Jay Bezel ft. Casino – Poppin Freestyle

03 Jay Bezel Ft Niro – Mobb shit

04 Jay Bezel Ft Big Ooh! x Casino – Slaughter

05 Jay Bezel – Isis Freestyle

06 Jay Bezel ft Gillie Da Kid – Agenda

07 Jay Bezel – Biggie Freestyle

08 Jay Bezel – All The Way Up Freestyle

09 Jay Bezel – Day Of A Hustler

10 Jay Bezel ft. Big Ooh! & Nafeesa – So Special

11 Jay Bezel – Trippin Freestyle

12 Jay Bezel & DJ Alamo – Walk By (Fashion Week Freestyle)

Listen & Download

Jay Bezel cover

Twitter @jaybezel and on Instagram @the_real_jaybezel

Twitter @samhoody

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Faith Walker Self-Titled Album & Aint Ez Video



faith Walker-CD-cover-FINAL-min-min (1)

TAOT Recordings and R&B vocalist Faith Walker announce the release of her highly anticipated self-titled album. The 11-track project features her critically acclaimed single “Head in the Clouds” with Ray Robinson along with a selection of seasoned producers including Joebi-Wan, J. Forgione, Black Orchid, R. Brown, Cylla, A. Thomas, Neccoy and DJ Goffe of Audiotraxx, Marcus Kane, Nick Iden, and O. Tukai.

Watch the official video for “Head in the Clouds” here on YouTube

faith Walker-CD-cover BACK-c101-changes-min

The album encompasses the strength of Faith and invites listeners and fans into her personal journey as a survivor of cancer, toxic relationships, and most importantly her pillar of resilience. It’s Faith’s purpose to share this album throughout communities and embark on a mission to educate the youth on the importance of hope, standing up for what you believe in, as well as creative expression.  “While I aspire to inspire, this album is my proudest accomplishment.”

Stream ‘Faith Walker’ and watch the latest video of the album. In “Aint’ Ez” Faith brings her audience into a realm she knows far too well of hospital beds, grief-stricken loved ones, and sadness. But her heartfelt vocals and chilling melodies speak volumes on beating the odds even after only given two days to live…

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