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Leintz Ft. Fred The Godson – “Whoa”



 Today we get a new single from New York City \ rapper Leintz, who collaborated with the late-Fred The Godson for the track “Whoa” produced by Mic Coats.

When the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody knew all the lives that would be lost, including one of New York City’s most respected and talented emcees, Fred The Godson. 

“Me and Fred had a very good connection. I contacted his manager then he gave me Fred’s number and history was made from there. We shared laughs, and he told me about himself, schooled me on how the industry worked and even met my son through FaceTime,” Leintz explained. “When he was hospitalized I held back on the release of my single just to make sure he was doing well. When his wife posted that he was getting better, I was excited.  Shortly two weeks later and three days after my single’s release, he tragically passed away.  I didn’t know how to handle that. Even though it was business, I believe in longevity and we could’ve ended up as good friends.”

But while Fred the Godson is gone in the physical form, Leintz is still carry the torch in his spirit, expanding on his lifelong passion to make music and write poetry. 

Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, Leintz has spent the last 10 years going back and forth from Colorado and New York as he was deciding where he wanted to settle. 

“I started off writing poetry at the age of nine on my elementary school boards, but due to depression and other tribulations at the age of 12, my poetry gradually came off aggressive.  Then I discovered I had to add a flow to it and it was all fun and games from there throughout high school. Once I got to college I started taking music more seriously,” Leintz explained. 

After taking time for several years to understand the music industry, this is the first official single by Leintz which has already gotten some major support after finding its way onto HOT97 radio in NYC  and with Shade45’s DJ Kay Slay.

Combined with the efforts and work of well-known manager and music businessman Smit BDM CEO, Leintz is creating timeless music that will reach the masses. 

Set to be featured on his upcoming project named after his son, The Santana Album, Leintz plans to spend the next few months promoting his “Whoa” single with subsequent album releases.  

“No shows for now since we are dealing with a pandemic worldwide but once everything is back to normal, I’ll be back to rocking stages again,” Leintz concluded. “Expect great content. I’m making music that everybody can relate to. My goal is to touch the people because I figured if I can tell my story, I’m probably telling their stories and that way I can give everybody good music”

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Big Wave Pryce Talks Inspiration Behind New Track “I Could Never”



blog photo 2

Big Wave Pryce is a Bronx-based artist who is quickly on the rise. He just dropped a new single titled “I Could Never,” and it’s a song that reveals his talents and true potential as an artist. On the catchy track, Big Wave Pryce finds his rythym and confidently portrays himself as someone who’s getting to the money. He remains focused and dedicated throughout the song, maintaining an upbeat vibe overall while providing a powerful delivery.

The rising talent said in a recent interview that his passion for making music comes from his desire to want to make an impact. It’s clear to see in his music that his infectious energy and overall upbeat vibe can shift a mood or how someone feels towards his music.

With his unique sound and distinctive voice, he’s paving his own lane and letting his work ethic speak for itself. When asked about one reason why he’s passionate about making music, Big Wave Pryce responded, “My passion is to not die regular. I want to be impactful. I find myself listening to songs to help enhance a mood or to alter a mood. If I can be that for someone I’d die happy.”

“I Could Never” serves as a great introduction for just what the artist is truly capable of. The song has seen much success on YouTube over the last few days, and already has amassed over 15,000 streams on Spotify. His prior release “Can’t Swim” is also doing well and serves as another testament to Big Wave Pryce’s capabilities.
As far as what’s next for him, he’s planning on releasing more music and more videos. He also plans to release an EP that will drop next year! In the meantime, stay tuned with what he has going on and stream “I Could Never,” here. Also, follow him on social media!

IG: @bigwavepryce Twitter :@surfdontswim

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California Artist Peace Maker Drops New Album “Peace Be With You”




Jose Paz was born in Hayward, California and currently resides in the Bay Area. He’s been making music since 2018 and has dropped 2 albums. His biggest accomplishment to date was in 2019 he flew to NY to perform for Jadakiss. His most recent album “Peace Be With You” dropped 9/7/20 and he recorded it, mixed, and mastered it in his bedroom studio.

According to Peace Maker:
“So my last name is Paz, which is Spanish for peace. So it’s like I’m with you, the listeners. One key track is You’ll Never Know My Name. It’s my dads perspective growing up without his dad, going through life as a kid, teenager, young adult, to marrying my mom and having me. Another key track is Always on My Phone. How social media affects relationships, and self esteem. Another key track is Falling Star. How you can wish for someone but they end up burning you in the end.”

Listen now:

IG: @510PeaceMaker –
Twitter: @510PeaceMaker –

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