Mjay is 21 and from just outside Philly but goes to school in Columbia, South Carolina. He has only been making music for a year and has shown progression and growth as an artist over that time. His sound is relaxed and upbeat at the same time with no one else out matching up to his tunes. He is a particular guy who loves smoking weed and making hits.

His latest single, “9 AM”, is a part of his 3 song EP titled “Nebula”. The project is his best work to date and was recorded in South Carolina. The producer, Rolow Productions, has given lots of his time and effort producing the beats to all 3 songs on the album to make sure they are perfect. The project took about a month and a half or so to finalize. Mjay and Rolow together did the mixing and mastering and really lean on each other making sure their sounds add up equally together. They are both extremely proud of their work and continue to grow as musicians daily.

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