Mugen Music releases a cypher (NO SUBLIMINALS) featuring all artists forming Mugen Syndicate.

In the hip hop world we see a ton of artists that use social media to post negative things about their rivals or competition. They turn to outlets such as facebook and twitter to post subliminal shots about others without even mentioning names or specifics. Social media gangsters is at an all time high. Mugen Syndicate (all 6 Mugen Music artists) decided to deliver a heavy hitting song with a video unlike the industry standard. No fancy cars, drugs, models or auto tune with more than a few words that rhyme! In your face and raw, each artist tells it like it is and if they hurt your feelings, then they really don’t care! So take a look and listen, you won’t be disappointed as W.I.L.L., Kromatik, Los Boi, Tra G, Had Enough & Unknown Kapriest deliver a powerful song to blast the airwaves with truth. The line has been drawn, “NO SUBLIMINALS”. Check out the music video and purchase the single using the itunes or google play link.