Music is a wonderful thing and it has many genres. In fact, there are only two kinds of music for many listeners and especially professional musicians: good and bad, good music is made with soul. Even if someone’s music is good, they may not be able to make a commercially successful product; but this is fixable. If you want to write a musical hit, sooner or later you can do it. To get the necessary data to write any genre of music you do not need to enter a university or music college. There is the internet, where a lot of useful information is in the public domain, which is just wonderful. Let’s say a person decided to write royalty free music patriotic genre. How do they do it?

First of all, you need to listen to performers and composers who work in this style. This is necessary in order to understand the main characteristics of this genre. You can open YouTube and spend a whole day on it and that day will not have been wasted. On YouTube you can find a lot of royalty free music patriotic genre, ranging from more than 200 years old to modern. This kind of music has changed quite a lot during these 200 years, but there are the main features that are unique.

To begin with, listen to music from films about war or those in which the theme of war appears, even if not for long. Try to find notes you like and try to learn them. Do this with 2-3 other works to analyze and understand how to create music of this genre.

To implement an idea, you need to organize a home studio in order to create your own compositions on a computer. To do this, you need a good computer, a MIDI keyboard, and a music card. Keep in mind your good equipment does not guarantee that you can become the second Beethoven. It is necessary to accumulate a certain set of skills and practical experience to achieve results. You need to pay attention not only to the technical side of this matter, but also to actively develop in the matter of arrangement, instrumentation, and harmony. You certainly cannot delve into all aspects of classical harmony, but the elementary theory of music should be studied and is necessary.

When writing royalty free music patriotic genre, you have to remember that brass instruments play a special role in the orchestra and when you want to make a crescendo, you need to insert this group of instruments into the score as it is loudest and will be ideal for a grand finale or highlighting climaxes. Although it should be noted that in some scores, the solo sound of the French horn will be very noble and sublime, and the pipes are pathetic and reminiscent of the accomplished exploits. This is often used when the main character is shown on the screen, who recalls his combat youth.


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