Pistachio Gods are a Texas-based hip-hop group led by two recording artists and producers, Tachio and Cashu. This team of lifelong friends grew up together in Houston, Texas, attending the same schools from middle school to college and playing music in their parents’ garages. Their debut record “Trail Mix” is a 4-track rap EP that incorporates elements from other genres, such as folk and alternative rock. The group also finds inspiration in reggae and punk rock/SKA. Their main influences come from a wide range of styles, from pop artist Jon Bellion to rapper Smokepurpp. The group also attributes their passion for alternative hip-hop to other genre-bending artists in the industry, such as Fishbone, mansionz, and Sublime.

One of the EP’s standout tracks is “Love Letters”. Here is what they had to say about the release:

“This song is that moment when you are breaking up with your girlfriend and telling her that you need to move on, but then halfway through, the song switches to when your talking to your boys and telling them how you plan to move on. The contrast between both of them is very different. We made this song in my bedroom and keep thinking of ways we could combine Ed Sheeran with Smokepurpp, we wanted to surprise the listener and combine our two favorite genres at the same time.”

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