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Pop Smoke Brother Obasi Jackson Releases “Ain’t Worried” Single




Legends don’t die, they multiply. Such is the case for Brooklyn’s Obasi Jackson. Brother of the late Pop Smoke, Obasi Jackson looks to carry on his brother’s legacy as he sets out to create his own. Developing his own musical style and sound, Obasi continues to prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with all on his own. Fusing R&B with modern Hip Hop and Trap elements make for a captivating first listen.

To set the tone for the last quarter of 2020, and as we head into the new year, Obasi Jackson readies his new release, “Ain’t Worried.”

“The single is a piece I wrote to express and represent what can happen when you’re not focused on the right things. Too many people get a taste of fame and status and become comfortable, or oblivious. This song is my way of saying no matter what, I won’t be phased. Good or bad!” – Obasi Jackson

Obasi Jackson unloads auto-tuned melodies and bold lyrics over the DwightMadeTheBeat production. Tap in.

“Shoutout to the real Pop Smoke fans out there. Ain’t nothin’ been genuine since day one..” 

– Obasi recently shared a video PSA on his Instagram page, he had some words for the fake love & fans since his brother’s untimely passing.

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Compton Native Young Lawless Teams Up With Yn Jay for “Coochie Hoochie”



young lawless
Young Lawless is definitely keeping audiences on their toes this year. With the release of his newest track “Coochie Hoochie” ft. Yn Jay, Lawless (aka FatBoyLaw) is not letting up any time soon and keeps it coming hit-after-hit. The upbeat anthem is an impressive effort from the independent, Compton-based artist, and shows how he is capable of switching things up when needed.
The new track “Coochie Hoochie” follows the release of his previously released album titled This Is Not A Real Album. Through that project and others that he has under his belt, it’s clear to see how FatBoyLaw is making a name for himself and setting himself apart from the rest. His witty storytelling technique is unmatched and absolutely distinguishes him from all other West Coast artists.
When asked about when he decided to ultimately pursue a career in music, Lawless said that “Knowing that I have real talent made me ultimately decide to do music. It would be a waste of a gift if I didn’t do music. It’s something that makes me feel good and I believe I have a story to tell. Hopefully I can reach people that’s in a dark place and help bring them out of it into some light.”
As far as what’s next for the rapper, he says that he’s working on a new EP that fans can be on the lookout for called Psychoactive. Some notable features will appear on this project, including Sukihana, Steven G, Compton Menace, and Kevin McCall.
“My goal is to go platinum while being an independent artist,” Young Lawless says of his goals. “I’m not signed to a major label. I don’t have any management or an agency so that’s a big goal for me. Music and the fashion culture coincide together so I would also like to partner up with a few fashion brands as a creative director in the future. I got a few ideas and I’m all about innovation.”
Lawless is the example of an artist who creates his own lane in the music industry.
Listen to Young Lawless’ latest track “Coochie Hoochie” ft. Yn Jay below.

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Crush Poe – Owed (Official Music Video)



New Fire Alert!! Crush Poe out here dropping sauce back 2 back. Crush just released visuals to his joint “Hustler’s Ambition” which was fire but now this! This just another joint added to the sauce. The visuals to his joint “OWED” is finally here! It’s also out on all digital platforms as well. A must watch right here. This some real spill for the streets & the culture right here. This joint was too real! Giving off hustle vibes that everybody need to hear if you ask me. Crush Poe made me a fan of his music because there’s more to him than just music. Some wouldn’t understand. Crush Poe is in his own lane as an artist, PERIOD. Straight from the trenches with a whole lot of game to give the youth & culture in general. His rawness & delivery make you really feel his music.

The Harlem artist been doing his thing for awhile now & he’s elevating as he puts out more content. With so much sauce to come, he just giving us heat right now. Happy I listened to him talk heavy on this. One of the most underrated artists coming out the city & it’s very few of them. The way he puts it together is incredible. Crush really giving that old 90’s Hip hop feel when it comes to the music. You really hear what he talking about. We need more of this in the music game right now. This is something you can bump & just listen to learn from! That hustle talk different!  That sauce right here!

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