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Pop Smoke Brother Obasi Jackson Releases “Ain’t Worried” Single




Legends don’t die, they multiply. Such is the case for Brooklyn’s Obasi Jackson. Brother of the late Pop Smoke, Obasi Jackson looks to carry on his brother’s legacy as he sets out to create his own. Developing his own musical style and sound, Obasi continues to prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with all on his own. Fusing R&B with modern Hip Hop and Trap elements make for a captivating first listen.

To set the tone for the last quarter of 2020, and as we head into the new year, Obasi Jackson readies his new release, “Ain’t Worried.”

“The single is a piece I wrote to express and represent what can happen when you’re not focused on the right things. Too many people get a taste of fame and status and become comfortable, or oblivious. This song is my way of saying no matter what, I won’t be phased. Good or bad!” – Obasi Jackson

Obasi Jackson unloads auto-tuned melodies and bold lyrics over the DwightMadeTheBeat production. Tap in.

“Shoutout to the real Pop Smoke fans out there. Ain’t nothin’ been genuine since day one..” 

– Obasi recently shared a video PSA on his Instagram page, he had some words for the fake love & fans since his brother’s untimely passing.

Follow @ObasiJackson on all social & music streaming platforms HERE.

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D Prime 215 Debuts “Essence of Authentic” Video



Philly sensation D Prime 215 releases visuals for “Essence of Authentic”, produced by Mute Won with cuts and scratches by legendary DJ Soulbuck. Prime is picking up where “Essence of Authentic” (2016) left off. His vision is brought to life by Rekkless Life Films and represents Philly in more ways than one.

“Authenticity is the crux of being, including but not limited to being an artist. Being true to who you are is everything. In my case as an artist, that means representing Integrity, flyness, lyricism, Philly & pro blackness.” – D Prime 215

It can be said that Prime’s representation of not only his Philly derived roots but also Hip Hop is authentically captured in each quick-witted lyric, and audiences who press play will experience that devotement.  Prime’s infectious and metaphoric wordplay swarms through the streets of Philly and around signature buildings and cornerstones. The aerial view adds a heightened sense of pride, “life, I learn my lessons from it/As far as the authentic, I’m the essence of it/And if it ain’t here yet, then the best is coming /Look, the honor’s what I represent/ It brought me scars from the decadence /Keep it 100, more than a dead president/ Let the record set the precedent.”

Watch the official video for “Essence of Authentic” and connect with D Prime 215 below.

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“Essence of Authentic” credits

Song Produced by Mute Won:

DJ Cuts by DJ Soulbuck:

Thumbnail Graphic by Tom Hindmarsh:

Music Video by Rekkless Life Films:

Song lyrics:

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Freshy DaGeneral – Look (Official Music Video)



Listen man! I just been binging nothing but new artists who’s going crazy right now & Freshy DaGeneral really on a come up. He dropped off his visuals “Look” late 2020 & he came crazy on this! Currently sitting at 1.2 Million views & still going, that should let you know he got the sauce. I’ve been watching his grind for the past few months & he’s been working! Freshy really not playing this year! This is probably his hardest joint to date. Freshy been putting out some pressure & not gonna lie, his voice make it even more scarier, honestly. The way he elevates with his music in a short amount of time is different. When he hop on the track, you got to listen to everything because you might miss a line. Freshy came on this straight up on demon time.

His bar game is wild in this. One of New York’s hottest artists on the rise going hard as ever! You already know this had to make his way here & more coming He smoking everything he get on right now. One of my favorite songs out right now. He not going nowhere no time soon. One of the very few artists on the rise that’s been delivering nothing but sauce worth talking about Make sure you stream this which is on all digital platforms right now. Tune In! That Pressure Right Here!

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