Atlanta rapper Prohaize has released a fire new single titled “Ovadose”. With an international sound and serenading vibe, this release is perfect for the springtime. This MC does a great job of connecting back to his Ghanaian roots, which is directly reflected in his music.

The bouncy, Caribbean filled beat, mixed with Prohaize’s smooth and confident delivery, are a match made in heaven. You will hear the Atlanta native harmonizing about be hooked on a lady in an intoxicating way. Some lyrics that stand out the most are “they can’t hold you down like I do.”

“Ovadose” is by far Prohaize’s best work to date. As he shows off a softer side to his music, he does a great job connecting with his rising fan base. One thing that is for certain is that, this MC has something special and will be an international success.

Press play below to stream Prohaize’s “Ovadose” single.

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