NJ recording artist Rowzen shares a powerful commentary on modern society in his new song “Misfits”. He explores despair, societal conformity and the over controlling music industry. The song takes listeners on a journey through his adolescence and his ongoing struggle with the establishment. Journey along with Rowzen as he uses his unique flows to send conscious raising messages to the still sad voices of humanity.

NJ recording artist, Rowzen has always been on a collision course with the stars and now he is gaining a following with his fast and loose lifestyle, unpredictable sound, and conscientious message. He is an anomaly and surprisingly versatile. His first project includes songs of overindulgence and partying, and takes a wicked glare at the flaws of modern society. Rowzen contributes many of his ways and views to his troubled filled adolescence in a society where youth have to profess their humanity and cry out for justice, making him and many others like him rebel against authority and determined not to conform to the corruption of society. He knows too well of the school to prison pipeline that begins in the schools of many African American males.

Exposed to racism from day of his entry into the ultimate American institution, the school, he was a constant target being the only black child in his class. With only words of wisdom from prior generations to guide him, he survived, and is now leading with his unique sound influenced by the classic and alternative rock of the suburbs of NJ, and the underground hip-hop culture of Staten Island, NY.

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