Emcee, producer, CEO, and entrepreneur Twan Mack has proven his national reign in Adult Contemporary Hip Hop via captivating and quality music. Mack is noted and recognized for his versatility and diverse perspectives delivered through his music, and his latest release “Have A Nice Day” is no exception.

Within the first few bars, Mack pays homage to Hip Hop deity Roxane Shante, (originally recorded the song 30 years ago under the tutelage of producer god Marley Marl) who co-signed the record via Social Media. He goes on with accolades mentioning Run Dmc and the Hollis Crew and expresses his affinity for Kanye’s ‘say whatever’s on my mind’ philosophy. In the third verse, Mack describes an event that sheds clarity and ultimately altered the course of his life.

“Have A Nice Day” entices listeners in with knocking bass and transcends them on a journey filled with infinite wordplay feasting on grind and hustle while dismissing naysayers. “Your fake smiles and handshakes I notice from you, stay foul but dead prez I’m foldin em you’…” 

Owning forward strides in the industry trenches, the witty wordsmith declares “I’m a mad man on the loose with beats and rhymes, life is just a mountain watch me I’m gon’ climb, always been a hustler I did my time, never had a co-defendant in my crime.” 

The catchy hook, “you got nothing nice to say then have a nice day, just stay the hell up out my way and have a nice day”,  blended with striking drums and stimulating undertones is sure to have Hip Hop heads and turntables worldwide jumping.  Stream “Have A Nice Day” and connect with Mack below.

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