xavier goes deeper than a mere video and presents the short film “Lil Gardener”, as inspired by his latest EP, “1447”.

It’s a product that I’ve been working on for a year now directed and edited by Kamryn Harris of Ryn Productions (IG @rynproductions). I produced the project alongside Chelsi Cocking (IG @chelsialise; Twitter @chelsi_alise) and Ta Nycia Wooden (IG/Twitter @tippeytay) with sound design handled by my good friend and engineer, Apollo (IG/Twitter @thatmanapollo).

I want to leave most of the video up for your interpretation so I won’t speak much on our artistic intent. However, the EP speaks on growing pains, desires, family, love, and pursuing your goals as told by my feelings and thoughts. The title character was created to be a physical representation of those emotions/thoughts.

Xavier Sharif Galloway, professionally known as xavier, is an American rapper and songwriter. Living primarily on the East Coast, the 24-year-old musician has lived in New York, Orlando, and Atlanta where he began recording music in 2010. As a student at Georgia Tech, Xavier started receiving local attention after collaborating with fellow students and artists AJ Bank$y, Lord Sakima, and producer duo superHero on a string of singles released on Soundcloud from 2012 to 2016.

Together they gained local popularity by throwing concerts on campus (most notably opening their homecoming show for Hoodie Allen in 2014) and performing for A3C showcases before disbanding in 2016. 
 In the summer of 2016 xavier released a 5-track project, Joyride, on his Soundcloud which featured the Meiser produced Prayers. In May 2018, xavier released a 7-track album titled 1447 after reflecting on life since graduating college the year before. Xavier has often cited artists like Drake, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean as his biggest musical influences.

As an artist, he strives to be transparent about his life, thoughts, and feelings through music and uses each song as a means to personally connect with his listeners. 
 His solo resume since The Round Table is brief but there is so much more to expect from this passionate artist. With interests in music production, photography, and film, Xavier is currently planning out production for his first full-length LP.

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