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YaBoiM.O.E Delivers ‘Miles In M.O.E. Shoes’ Album




Seasoned California artist/producer YaBoiM.O.E. announces the release of his highly anticipated album ‘Mile in M.O.E Shoes.’ The 13-track project is appeased from beginning to end with jousting punchlines, vivid storytelling, thought-provoking lyricism, and even quirky hooks and skits.  The Oakland-based double threat continues to show and prove that his style, flow, and deliverance are unmatched, and is evident in this album.

The Time is Now can easily serve as a daily reminder that life is a short run filled with cinematic twists. As long as YaBoiM.O.E is slick with the tongue, balling, and true to his heart he will never be caught slipping. In Back to the Beginning he stresses to his brothers and sisters the need to keep it black and proud from black wear to black businesses to black love, and he will do his part blacking out on verses! M.O.E is calling out all frauds in All Facts. His blatant bars stun fake mobsters, sideline rappers still living at home with plated jewelry, and of course taken ladies living the single life. They’re not fooling M.O.E, which leads us right into H.A.T.E.R. A simple message that’s spelled out loud and clear for naysayers across the globe…M.O.E is not and cannot be phased or tried!

Colored People Only strikes a cord and with each profound lyric, listeners will feel neck hairs raise…M.O.E needs his brothers and sisters to digest the harsh truth that police, the jail system, and judges haven’t and aren’t in the business of assisting or declaring justice. Rather, their stances coincide with the longevity of negativity. Hush Money follows suit with intense storytelling. With round-the-clock images of cop killings, hangings, and hog tieing it’s no wonder moms kiss their sons before they leave the house. For these killings, offerings of 1 million seems just? M.O.E reminds us that’s only loose singles to the government. Lil Nigga is a sad, yet pinpoint accurate depiction of the projects and how young boys are drawn to the streets. At age 14 with a cold heart, low grades and loss of interest at school because of bullying, that gun at home (supposed to be concealed) takes him away from cartoons and right into the streets. As birthdays pass, he becomes numb to his environment…

No Love lightens the mood a bit as M.O.E displays his entertaining side. He’s upfront with what he wants and what he’s looking for when it comes to the ladies and one thing’s for sure it’s definitely not love! And She Like That piggybacks as we hear just why the ladies are enticed by M.O.E. Is it his grind? Is it his come up from dollar menu meals to last supper spreads? Is it his booth entrance? Or is it the fact “he’s the best period and you n*ggas on your menstrual”?

Tell The Truth brings it back to M.O.E calling out folks who perpetrate their lives as successful ballers when in all actuality they are broke with fake jewels, and some are even working for the Feds. Only real ones can ride with M.O.E as he makes HIStory.  Wake Ya A_ _ Up! serves as a zany wake-up call and even an alarm clock mode, if you will. You can’t lay in bed all day expecting a woman or others to pay your way in life. It’s time to get up, go and get it. M.O.E lives by this not only in his career but in his personal life as well.

War Ready is a heart-wrenching, rattling story…non-fictional…It begins with a public defender recounting events from families crying in hysteria, sirens multiplying in echoes, cops shooting, and shadows running and hiding. There’s a score to settle…Lyfe Lyke not only sums up the album but forces listeners to look into the mirror and ask themselves what’s their life like. Through motivation and dedication, M.O.E lives differently where the rhymes pay, bottles drip, and his family is content. His name is Mohammed so he’s destined to move a profit!

Stream/download ‘Miles in M.O.E Shoes’ and connect with YaBoiM.O.E below.

M.O.E – Mentality Over Excuses (@yaboim.o.e) • Instagram photos and videos


YaBoiM.O.E (

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SplashyD’s new album ‘Thank Vlad’



Middletown, NY artist SplashyD’s new project ‘Thank Vlad’

United Masters Album link
SplashyD – Thank Vlad

1 Thank Vlad Intro
2 Practice
3 Silence
4 Here We Go Freestyle
5 Concrete Rose
6 AAU (ft. Benny Bills, Riot)
7 Family Ties (ft. Benny Bills, Riot)

Label – ColdHearted Ent “CHEnt”
IG – @splashforshort
Youtube – Splashforshort

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Maniac Blac Debuts ‘Concrete Island’ EP (Produced by Harold Scrap Fretty)



Maniac Blac - CI


Maniac Blac debuts the highly anticipated EP ‘Concrete Island’ produced by Harold Scrap Fretty (producer of Tupac’s ‘God Can’t Judge Me’). The 7-track project ranks number 46 on Amazon’s Hip Hop Release Chart.

Harold’s superb blend of new and old school melodies heightens Blac’s diverse style and flow throughout the EP, which touches on multiple worldly issues. Blac mentions police brutality, racism, senseless violence in low-income housing, and more disheartening topics. Blac stated he wanted the project to speak up for the ones who can’t speak and the children who grow up in single-parent households.

In a short period of time, the EP has landed on The Real DJ Spins mixtape, spins on multiple radio stations on the East Coast, and has gained hundreds of streams in the Los Angeles area. ‘Concrete Island’ is available on Amazon as well as all other streaming platforms. Check out the project below and enjoy your journey through ‘Concrete Island.’

A majority of the proceeds from ‘Concrete Island’ go to the B.C.R.F. (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) to help spread prevention and awareness about breast cancer.

Amazon Link:

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