Zig: “My single, “Whole Amount”, is about a girl I really enjoy. She might not be the best for me but I like that.”

Ambitious, eager, and hungry, Zig has wasted no time creating a buzz for himself in South Florida. Whether it be shooting a music video on the back of a flatbed truck in the middle of Art Basel, or performing on the deck of a yacht at the biggest boat party in the country, Zig knows when it comes to success it’s all in the grind. The hustler’s spirit translates to the Zig sound. He’s a student of classic hip-hop and his delivery is a mixture of clever wordplay that finds the perfect balance between humor and honesty. Yet, he still manages to strike hard with overt in-your-face punchlines and multiple entendre jabs.

Born Roberto Garcia in the Dominican Republic, now residing in West Palm Beach, FL, Zig has quietly emerged as a premiere independent artist. He’s already released several records that have jolted South FLA, including “Ambidextrous,” a fan favorite. His most recent singles, titled “Walk Around” and “Whole Amount” showcase the diversity in his sound. On “Walk Around,” Zig glides through a production that is an invitation to an anthem. Zig provides the party with detailed confident lyrics and a hook that will boost anyone’s ego. “Whole Amount” deals with the refreshing emotions we go through when falling in love with someone new.

Before Zig took his hometown by storm, he was a frustrated teenager adjusting to life in America. Zig moved to the States when he was at the tenderfoot age of five. That opportunity led the family to Boston. With his siblings: a twin brother and sister, and his parents, the family decided it was too cold in Boston soon after their arrival. “As soon as the snow hit, my dad was like, fuck this shit,” Zig jokingly describes.

The search for a warmer climate brought the family to Florida, but the transition was tough for the angst-filled teen and he found himself constantly in trouble. His intentions were pure enough. He just wanted to make people laugh. He recalls getting into trouble once when he replaced a classroom DVD with a porn DVD. He thought it would get a laugh. Instead that combined with a long history of troublemaking sent him to juvenile boot camp. In the end, the patient needed the medicine. While there, Zig discovered his penchant for poetry, writing rhymes and a deep love for hip-hop. By the time he was released from boot camp, life became easier for Zig as he finally had purpose.

Five years later, Zig finds solace with his pen. With his favorite music producers G. Bliz and johnnyboy, he’s constantly in the studio creating new music. When he feels the pull of frustration, he writes or performs. He’s created his production company, titled “Smile Big.” It’s an apt name. Zig explains, “Smile Big means just staying positive regardless of circumstance and to do everything with good intention.” The positivity is the fortuitous consequence of early struggle. “Smile Big” is not just credited with creating the Zig sound, but is also involved in some of the biggest promotions throughout Florida. For instance, Floatopia, a yearly event held off Peanut Island in West Palm Beach, Florida attracting hundreds of boats, over 5000 attendees, and live musical performances, is one of the most beloved events in South Florida.

Early influences for Zig are rooted in classic Southern hip-hop such as the early albums from southern rap generals T.I. and Outkast. Those influences are evident in Zig’s lyrical delivery. He transports his fans to classic raw hip-hop but manages to deliver that party Florida sound, while riding the edge of seduction. It is this multi-dimensional sound that allows him to attract such a diverse audience.

Zig is currently recording new music and touring. The next generation of hip-hop has arrived.

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