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6amma Ray- “Fast One”



6amma Ray

Recently rising rapper 6amma Ray released his new single, “Fast One” fully equipped with an auto friendly animated music video.

While some Hip-Hop fans are just now getting to learn the music of 6amma Ray, this producer/engineer and rapper is an extremely accomplished artist.  While working at a studio in Brooklyn, 6amma Ray worked with artists like Common, Nas, Nikki Minaj, 50 Cent, and others solidifying his skill sets.

“I earned my MBA in marketing while working at SIR studios. I discovered that I had a desire to work more on production and the business of making music, so I relocated to  New York to further advance my career. While here, I began to work in a studio in Brooklyn and it opened up a lot of doors for me,” 6amma “explained.

Born Rayden Smith, 6amma Ray (pronounced Gamma Ray) this rising Hip-Hop star who

grew up in a community often called “The Commons” on the NorthSide of Pittsburgh. It was there that he gained a great appreciation for music while earning street smarts and business savvy skills

Influenced musically by his mother and grandmother via the church, 6amma was drawn to his favorite rappers like Jay Z and Tupac Shakur early on when he began rapping.

From there 6amma Ray grew up, left Pittsburgh, and went on to serve in the US Navy after which he attended the well known LA Film School earning two degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment business.

In 2020, 6amma, signed with Wealth Nation, an artist development firm, who is working on helping him develop new music to be heard on the radio circuit accompanied by interviews with major industry players such as Big Shot Radio and Industry Certified Magazine.

“We are ourselves; we promote being our best self and showing that to the world. My music and my stories are real!”

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Big Flock – “Aiesha” (Music Video)




Rising DMV rapper Big Flock is eager to spread his notoriety outward in 2021 and begins with today’s release of the Halloween-inspired visual presentation called “Aiesha.” The big-budget Moshpit-directed video shows Big Flock revamping the R&B classic to fight off Zombies and his inner-demons.

The video was inspired by Flock’s idol and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson is one of the greatest, if not the greatest entertainer of all time. If you’re not striving to be the best then why do it all. I always take that approach when creating my content and this video was no different. The fact that it arrives just in time for Halloween is a treat, trick.”

“Thriller” is the record-breaking 1983 single and video by Michael Jackson. The music video premiered on national television and led the album to RIAA diamond status. The video’s dance sequences are one of the most influential choreographed performances of all-time.

“Aiesha” is slated to appear on Big Flock’s forthcoming album, 187. This is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans infected by the Maryland rapper’s signature appeal. “Aiesha” is produced by Endless Touch. After the view, for more on Big Flock, follow him on Instagram.

Watch Big Flock’s horrifying new visual now.

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[New Single] Chantae Vetrice – Run To The Money (RTTM) @chantaevetrice



Chantae’ Vetrice is back with something pumping for the ladies, new track ‘Run to the Money’(RTTM) is set to empower all the female moguls of this world. In a time where Women are
dominating the Rap and RnB industry, Chantae’ makes her mark with what some may call the female hustler version of ‘Run the World’ (Girls!).

‘ RTTM’ is filled with energy from the start as well as motivating lyrics that fans can find strength in. Chantae’ says “ Run to the Money (RTTM) is not just about money in the physical sense
but the idea of being a female hustler. Not letting life get the best of you and keeping laser-focus on what you want out of life. It’s about being a badass chic”. Her interpretation
of the track shows her style as an artist, not only to break the boundaries that come with being a Woman in music but to inspire others too.

The fast pumping beat behind ‘RTTM’ has a pop-feel to it yet the swag and style of Chantae’s verses still gives us an element of Hip Hop, it’s certainly in its own lane and is catchy. Similar to her latest single ‘Vain’ which was a successful track as the video gained over 200k views, Chantae’ is confident, clear and direct in her vision to be powerful in the industry.

Chantae’ Vetrice is available for press opportunities. Please email:

Social Media:
IG: @chantaevetrice
Twitter: @chantaevetrice


Official Music Video (VEVO link):

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