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Benzino and Jennifer Williams Star in New Film Indictment from Director Dennis Reed II



“Who is Jonathan Carter?” Inquiring minds might want to know, but what is the price if they find out? Author and director Dennis Reed II premiered his latest film Indictment: Who Is Jonathan Carter? on the newly launched IMDB TV app / Amazon Prime on August 14 via his own Detroit-based DLRII Productions, distributed by Homestead Entertainment. The film will also be available on Tubi beginning August 21.

The independent film stars Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives, and artist / entrepreneur Benzino of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as well as familiar faces from Reed’s past projects like rapper K Deezy and emerging actor Lemastor Spratling. Indictment also features appearances from actress Velda Hunter, teen rapper Que9 and Las Vegas-based MMG artist Yowda.

Dennis Reed II expresses excitement about his new deal with Homestead Entertainment, a distribution company founded by film producer Rob Johnson (known for his work on movies Til Death Do Us Part starring Taye Diggs), along with media industry veteran Leonard Burnett Jr. (Uptown, HERO Collective, Vibe, Vanguarde Media Group), and startup founder Sean Armstrong“Homestead brings a lot to the table with regard to marketing and reaching the right people. It’s a good fit for what I’ve done, and where I’m going,” Reed explains.Indictment: Who Is Jonathan Carter? is centered around the mystery of family man Jonathan Carter, who he is and what he really does day-to-day. The web around Carter’s alleged criminal activities is an intricate structure, which won’t be easily unraveled.

“When his best friend is accused of being one of the biggest drug suppliers in the country. one man puts his job, friendship – and possibly his life – on the line to get the truth.” Dennis Reed II explains in his synopsis of Indictment. “It’s one man’s job to find out. One informant told the police that he knows who the devil really is. He claims that Jonathan is the supplier, but Jonathan claims to be a hard working husband and father. Who is telling the truth?”

Excitement among Reed’s hardcore fans is evident as the release date approaches. The Detroit native’s film projects include First Lady starring Jim Jones and Nicole “Hoopz” AlexanderFirst Lady 2 starring Hoopz and rapper Young Dro, and True Law starring Lemastor Spratling and Black Noah. Reed also created an eight-episode television series I Declare War, which stars Lemastor Spratling.

“My casting is crazy because  I want Denzel, but we’re working with Dennis Reed’s budget,” he laughs. “But  on a serious note, the casts normally consist of people I feel my base audience wants to see. The synergy during the production of Indictment was dope. Working with Jennifer Williams was the best, and having K Deezy, Lemastor and Velda there was like having my closest family members around me, so I love it.”

Even with the comradery, making movies isn’t always a cake walk. “We film at some cool locations, so that’s always interesting. We have challenges here and there, and I’ve had to rewrite entire scenes on the spot. When an actor didn’t show up for Indictment, we revamped it, and it ended up being a special role for Eddie Kane.”

Dennis Reed II has become a master of intrigue through his writing, and asserts that the beginning scenes of Indictment set the pace and tone of the entire film. Creating this type of gripping drama has become a true passion, and he expresses sincere dedication to giving his longtime supporters what they crave from his movies.

“I truly appreciate everyone who has continued to support and follow my movement. I really want to be known as the best writer ever – that’s my long and short term goal. In coming months, we are going back to back to back with new projects. We have He Said She Said,  then First Lady 3. I am working on K Deezy’s Road of Joy. At the top of 2021 I’ll have another new series, The Sinclair’s. Let’s just say I will be busy. Thank God!”

Watch the trailer for Indictment: Who Is Jonathan Carter?  here.

View photos from the drive-in movie premiere with Angela Yee here.

Find out more about Dennis Reed II and the movie at the Official IMDB page.

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Massachusetts Rapper Big Nate Drops “10 Body Commandments”




Rapper Big Nate just unleashed a chilling new video and song, 10 Body Commandments. The record discusses his fathers murder case 21 years ago today, October 23, 1989.

Info on the original case can be found here:

October 23, 1989: “My wife’s been shot. I’ve been shot.’’ The first words the public ever heard from Charles Stuart grabbed an entire nation by the collar and shook it awake. Just minutes after leaving Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Stuart called the  police on his cellular phone. Carol had been shot in the head. Charles had been shot in the stomach.

Big Nate’s tells the story of the other side, loyalty, snitches and how the situation it has shaped his life.

Watch now:

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Nevaeh Black – Attached 2 U



Nevaeh Black, the newest artist on Columbus, Ohio’s Foster Child Music is having one heck of a year. her first single “Drive It Like Its Stolen” took off over the last few months, amassing over a million streams on Spotify and other outlets, and now the young singer is releasing her next single “Attached 2 U” hoping to build on that success.

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