Brooke Lanziner’s “Relapse” is about still physically craving someone, after mentally accepting the fact that they aren’t good for you. The video is an expression of the artist’s emotion and musicality, through movement. Choreographed and performed by Brooke herself.

Brooke Lanziner is an alternative folk/rock singer/songwriter living in Toronto, Ontario. She’s just released her second single and first music video, with many more songs and videos ahead!

Originally from North Vancouver, British Columbia, she grew up very involved in the performing arts. From competitive dance training, to jazz choir, to drama class, to show choir rehearsals… she spent all of her time training and performing. Right out of high school, Brooke moved to Oakville, Ontario to attend Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Performance Program. After graduating from Sheridan, she moved to downtown Toronto and spent a few years going to auditions, pursuing musicals and an acting career.

When Brooke turned 24, she had a somewhat quarter life crisis, realizing she wasn’t happy; she didn’t feel like she was getting anywhere, nor was she enjoying the work. So she decided to blow up her life a little. Brooke realized she didn’t just want to be a singer, she wanted to be an artist. But the problem was she had never really written music. So one year ago (June 2017), Brooke made a vow to a friend that if she didn’t write 5 songs in the month of June, she would pay her friend $500. She kept her money, and hasn’t stopped writing since.

The highest priority with Brooke’s music is to be raw, and to be my her real, authentic self at all times. Fame and money are not the motive; this is just what she has to do. She says that nothing and no one in the world can give her the feeling she’s only just discovered recently from making her own music and sharing it with the world.

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