Charlee Bravo explains the basis surrounding his cold visual, “Gelato”:

Gelato is literally my baby! The song was made with pure energy. I recorded the song, shot the music video, and mixed and mastered it all in one day. A 10 hour day of pure madness and fun! I wanted to show everyone I could make hot but, a refreshing sound in my own lane and not whats currently out!

Charlee Bravo aka Christopher Brown was born in Detroit, Mi but moved down to South Florida when he was 15 years old. Charlee began his entertainment lifestyle as early as 7 years old but it wasn’t until the age of 17 when he entered into the hiphop word. With a few ups and downs and bumps in the road by age 23 the rapper was known in the city for his first album Over the Top.

Getting the hang of the rapper/ artist lifestyle Charlee teamed up with the Highclassclowns group and Jno Blase and they produced his second album in 2 years entitled the Wolf of Music. Entering a bad deal and being lucky enough to get out at age 25 the rapper had already flown to Denver to do his first out of town show releasing two more major singles Why and Las Olas, Why hit over 200k on Soundcloud. Leading the way with single 2017 was a year full of work and accomplishments.

Charlee released his 3rd album self entitled Charlee Bravo and an Ep to end the year entitled Nowadys. The next two years would define his career as he went and performed at the SXSW Music Festival in Texas and the A3C Music festival in Atlanta between 2017-2018. This young artist didn’t stop there however! 2018 an even bigger year for Charlee, linking with XXXtentacions Group Members only the opportunities for this young mans talent was extremely notable.

Opening for TrapStar, Johnny Oz, and even headlining his own shows around South Florida it seemed things couldn’t get better but, they did. At the end of the year Revolution Live wanted Charlee Bravo to open for Lupe Fiasco.. and he lead the way with his hit songs released that year Mill Run. Steez and Funni Bonez which he rocked the crowd with. Charlee didn’t stop there however, on a mission to prove himself in 2019 he dropped big songs like New Draco, Worst Day (both with videos) and most notable Gelato. WIth this combination Charlee was asked to fly to Australia to open for Icy Narco with the BDR Music group making him now a national and international star.

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