Jonny Flame’s “Bandit” release revolves around decisions, actions and consequences. They can change your life before you know it. The outcome of your situations depends on how you react. You make decisions every day, every moment. You have to have your goals and keep your head clear, make your decisions smart so you don’t get robbed of your opportunities and when if do, keep your faith.

Charlotte artist Jonny Flame started with writing poetry in the 3rd grade and has since written close to 1000 songs and recorded over 200 tracks (in the last 5 years). The streets teach you a lot, and when you grow up with that instilled into your being, you have the ability to see the value in everything around you so much more than others. Jonny experienced the hurt and pain of living on the streets of East Charlotte from young childhood. He went to West Virginia University for Engineering and finished two successful years before getting suspended for legal charges. Flame spent 17 months incarcerated, and during one of the most challenging tribulations of his life thus far, he overcame and threw focus to music and the passion that drives him. Flame not only speaks about the truths and the pain that he went though over that time, but also the growth and progress that he has shown as well.

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