Kenzie Tarantino, born Anthony Christopher McKenzie, was born on June 7th, 1994 in Southhill, Virginia. He started his journey as an artist after recognizing the talent at the tender age of 9 by writing poetry and gaining a love for lyricism. After spending his years in Virginia, Kenzie Tarantino relocated to Atlanta in 2005 where he began to record music alongside his friend. The group name was called S.T.O (Strive To Overcome) which was one of his first official takes as an artist.

Through the years Kenzie continued to craft and perfect his skills which would eventually turn into leaving the group and going solo. From releasing his first ever project titled “Rude Awakening” in 2013 to releasing countless others, Kenzie continues to develop as an artist on numerous artistic levels.

His most recent project, which was released at the top of the year called “Six-Seven-’94”, garnered thousands of plays and continues to rise. Along with music releases, Kenzie Tarantino has banded alongside fellow artist ‘Slice Dhe Guevara’ to form the collective “Shaolin The Temple”.

Kenzie Tarantino released three singles; “Eye”, “Halftime Report” and “011” in 2017. These singles are also accompanied by three videos that led up to the release of “Samples & A Redd’s” in early 2018. Now he unleashes the official video for the Tllbrwn-produced “Sunset Over The Valley” single from said project. Peep the 1kmotionpicture flick here.

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