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Majur De’Veaux – “Ambition”



Today singer/songwriter Majur Deveaux delivers her new single “Ambition,”  an upbeat yet calm single that speaks to the concepts of manifesting your dreams and elevating beyond your goals.


Finding a balance between Trap, Pop and R&B, Majur Deveaux, connected with Mini Producer (@miniproducer) out of Atlanta who specializes in a variety of production styles which can be heard on this motivational single.


“My first single is called Ambition, and I chose the word specifically because I really believe that manifestation and ambition is really all that it takes in life. If you have the ambition everything else will fall into place because you’re chasing that goal and it’s just the way the universe works when you are chasing a goal,” Majur Deveaux said.


“It’s a song that’s definitely more uptempo and it’s one where I can see people jogging up the street to it. It’s a song that you put on your phone to wake up in the morning. It’s got a lot of get up and go and a lot of urgency to it. The song is basically to inspire people to go after their dreams and get it. You never know what could happen ’cause it’s your life, you just gotta see it.”


Musically Majur Deveaux found her voice after she sang in a paid jazz cover band.  Taking a break from recording music, this is where Majur Deveaux built her presence on stage and found the confidence to perform in a live setting.


“I don’t really have a limit, I don’t really see this song or project as one thing because I don’t want to limit it or underestimate it. The goals of this project are to get a song on 2k, a movie or on Netflix. Run me my 2k placement,” she said laughing.


“For this video for Ambition it was the first time I ever wore a bathing suit whether it was on camera or in person because I’ve never been comfortable in a bathing suit my whole adult life. I put it on and I felt like I looked good with the bathing suit on.  At the end of the day there are so many women that feel insecure about their bodies and there’s nothing wrong with them just like there’s nothing wrong with me. I really want to promote self love and normalizing women looking however they look and still feeling confident. I look a little bit fat on some of the angles, but I’m going to keep working out and people are going to be able to see the progress so I hope that motivates them too.”


Majur Deveaux was born in the Bahamas, and raised primarily on the West Coast where she made stops in Oakland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Seattle, until she ultimately graduated from West Seattle High School.


From that point on Majur has been balancing life as a single mom and doubling as celebrity nail technician. To date Majur Deveaux has had the opportunity to work with a host of celebrities including Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Drea Michell, Kevin Gates, the Kardashians and more, but now she’s branching out and showcasing her true love of music.


In addition to her work with celebrities, Majur Deveaux has made appearances on Wipe Out, Bad Girls cCub , Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Steve Harvey Show , W.A.G.S.., Black Ink Crew Compton , Vanderpump Rules and more.


“I am a mom of three which is the coolest part about me. I love that about myself, and I used to try to hide it, but now I tell the world that you should be proud to be a mom and it’s never too late to chase your dreams,” Majur Deveaux explained. “I’m a celebrity nail tech in my daytime life, having worked with a host of celebrities.  I just did work on the show Wipe Out, I have a mobile nail salon that’s based out of Las Vegas and I’m a mom. Nails is life and I’m an educator, but I took a break on music to be a mom and now I’m back doing music full time.”


In addition to motivating others to elevate Majur Deveaux hopes to bring mental health awareness to the forefront of her listener’s minds.


“I suffer from anxiety and ADHD so to be able to get 5 thing done in the morning and for me to not feel like the world is ending is a real challenge for me.  I also do kickboxing training and live an alkaline vegan lifestyle to balance things out when I can, but I really want to bring mental health awareness to people’s attention and I think this song incorporates some of that too.”


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[New Video] Le Coupe – Changes



“Changes” is a song directed towards the ladies to motivate and relax them. Are you over worked? Stressed? Feeling unappreciated? Well this is just the relief you’ve been waiting for. Listen. Relax. Be Restored.

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Juju Castaneda a.k.a. Juju C. Stars in He Said She Said, Helmed by Dennis Reed II




Detroit Filmmaker Dennis Reed II Premieres He Said She Said on Tubi
Starring LHHNY’s Juju Castaneda, Lemastor Spratling and Chris F.
Slated for Wider Distribution in Coming Weeks
Soundtrack Available Now on All Music Platforms

Detroit filmmaker Dennis Reed II is well on his way to building a formidable empire without boundaries. Coming off successful releases like First Lady, First Lady 2 and Indictment: Who Is Jonathan Carter?, the ambitious author / director / producer is celebrating the release of his latest film He Said She Said, which premiered on Tubi here March 5, 2021 via Reed’s own DRII Productions and Homestead Entertainment. The official soundtrack is also available now on all digital platforms here:

Adapted from Dennis Reed II’s original stage play, He Said She Said takes us on a questionably romantic ride, where true love can’t necessarily stop the pursuit of outside entanglements. The rom-com stars cast members from the original play, Lemastor Spratling and Velda Hunter; along with Juju Castaneda, known best for her appearance in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York; and actors including Chris Flannogan, Mena Monroe, and Kaamel a.k.a. Diezel, who have all had roles in Reed’s films thus far.

“My team and I had the opportunity to build rapport with Dennis Reed before officially meeting the cast, and that was the first step towards my enthusiasm to join the movie,” Juju says of the experience. “The vision for the movie and relatability of the message made me eager to be a part of it. What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to really dial in to my first leading role, which I am grateful for! The cast was amazing! You would think we all knew each other prior to meeting – we formed such a tight bond on and off set. I’m ready for part two – wink, wink!”

Reed echoes the sentiment of the bond created through filming He Said She Said, and the way people will be able to universally relate to the story. “If you’ve ever been in love and hurt, this is the movie for you. Working with this cast was dope. In most of my movies we end up being family through the process, but with this cast, Lemastor and Velda were there, and the two of them were in the play, so this is really our baby. It was like a family reunion. We never wanted the day to end, because we were having so much fun!”

Being a triple threat isn’t easy, but Dennis Reed II definitely makes it look like a breeze, as he is currently also preparing the release of First Lady 3, the third installment of his successful franchise starring Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, rap mogul Jim Jones and more. Reed’s other projects include True Law starring Lemastor Spratling and Black Noah, as well as the eight-episode series I Declare War, which also stars Lemastor Spratling and can currently be seen on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

The He Said She Said production team includes Knesha Daniels, Tamisha Howell, and Sanja Jackson, with Consulting Producer Nancy Oeswein and Supervising Producer Sonia Renee. Dennis Reed II leads the talented crew as Executive Producer, writer and Director.

“This is what I love most, other than my family,” Reed expresses. “If you said ‘would you do this for free?’ I’d say ‘Yes’, because I had projects that didn’t make a dime. But now it’s all coming together, so I am doing everything I can to be the best to ever do this.”


He Said She Said Synopsis
Sequoia is a nationally renowned art director who has done everything to be number one in her man Kenyon’s life. Ken is a reformed player – or at least that’s his goal. No matter how hard he tries, he keeps getting drawn into a web of women from his past – and some who want to be his future. Sequoia’s best friend Nika has been trying to tell her to move on for years. With his friend Colin encouraging his doggish ways, Ken finds it hard to stay true to the woman that captured his heart. Will his determination prevail?

Follow Dennis Reed II on socials and more here:

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