Nick-E takes a trip back to Syracuse, New York, to throw a “House Party” at the home he was born and raised in. With authentic shots of Nick in his hometown and with his life-long friends, the video truly paints a vivid picture of this talented young artist’s upbringing while also paying tribute to the locally fueled, grassroots, support that launched him to the position he is in today.

Lyrically, this track tackles some of the more common reactions to a relationship ending; reactions such as increased use of “illicit” substances, as well as, getting together with your “day-ones” for a night you may not fully remember but will absolutely never forget. Wordplay like the catchy hook, “So I’m rolling up,” helps to articulate how important both aspects were to the amazing and healing night you’re about to witness.

Nick-E is a fresh new artist from New York City whose catchy hip-hop tracks span a range of inspiration from artists like Mac Miller, Eminem and Lil Skies, to Blink-182.

Born in the late-90’s, Nick-E is a product of the turn of the millennium, and began writing and recording music at 12 years old. His first releases were projects s.l.a.n.k. and Riptide LP, when he was just 16 years old.

Recently, Nick-E released his Love & Heartbreak EP on all streaming platforms, as well as, other singles, including his recent hits, “Get Well Soon” and “Keep a Smile.” Through these singles and project, Nick-E has built a solid production team including recording engineer DiQo, mixing engineer Nick Wisse, and mastering engineer Boone McElroy who operates out of Desert Park, a state of the art music studio in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Since then, he’s been performing shows and gigs with the likes of Pink Tacos, Lil Fanto, Chubnacio, Zuko Slime, and many others. And Nick-E is making waves and a name for himself in the process.

Nick-E looks forward to staying true to himself, and to never stop pushing himself to create the best music he can while changing the world, as well as, the hearts and minds of his fans.

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