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Sprat and Freak – Das My Dog @SpratSoWhat @MGFilms_



North Carolina artist Sprat (The Pizza N*gga) passes out slices of sauce in this Marcel Gibson Film featuring Freak.

Meet Sprat, the new hip-hop star coming from the small town of Reidsville, North Carolina. While coming from a small area this North Carolina rapper is ready to show that it doesn’t matter where you are from as long as the music is great.

Sprat, was always a huge fan of rap and cites Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Currensy and The Clipse as his early influences. Everyone has those who have inspired them and Sprat explains his huge love for The Clipse, Pusha T and Malice, “I just loved their music so much, it was raw and different , when I heard them, I heard myself. Pusha T and Malice were always in their own lane just like me” Sprat explains.

While in music you can have times where people can copy and mimic your style, Sprat explains musically how his cleverness will elevate him to the to success and how his talent as an artist can’t be copied simply because he is staying true to himself. Yes, he enjoys today’s music as well and understands that music evolves especially in hip-hop. Sprat’s overall goals will be to be the best artist he can be and show what he did to get to the top of the rap game.

Sprat is independent right now and is moving heavy with his groups 1089 Cash Crop and Grind $quad, which goes to show he can boss up as well and has what it takes to be a CEO. He speaks on this proudly.

“Yes, while I’m making my music the goal is to eventually use my leverage to put my team in a position to win as well”.

New music is coming soon and Sprat is ready to show fans what he has in store, not only that he is ready to hit the road and explains how he has a crazy stage show that will give fans a show to remember. Hard work, talent, and personality are the three attributes that make Sprat stand out as an artist and day by day, Sprat is naturally progressing and one day the world will witness and see what next for him and 1089 Cash Crop.

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(Video) DaBaby – Gucci Peacoat @DaBabyDaBaby





Long Live G! DaBaby Recently Loss his Big Brother due to suicide. Our condolences goes out to DaBaby and his Family. DaBaby Drops an 7 song Project title “My Brother’s Keeper ( Long Live G ). Dababy drops Video “Gucci Peacoat” off the project Check it out!

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D Prime 215 – Behind the Scenes Vlog ‘Forever in a Day’ EP



D Prime 215 welcomes fans into an exclusive behind the scenes Vlog of his new EP ‘Forever in a Day’ dropping everywhere on December 4th.  The renowned Philly wordsmith shares a live recording session along with an inside look at who D Prime 215 is on and off the mic.

Pre-order ‘Forever in a Day’ the EP here on preferred platforms.

“This is me working on my 3rd EP “Forever In A Day.” In my first session at The Breed Studios in Philly, I did 5 songs and recorded over production from Mute Won, J. DePina, and Johann Sebastian. I also speak on the meaning behind my EP and several of the songs. Not only do you witness what a recording session is like with me, on this go-round you learn a little bit about who I am behind the music. This is the first of Behind The Scenes VLOGs series for my ‘Forever in a Day’ EP, stay tuned for more to come.”   

Watch Forever In A Day EP Vlog (produced by Mute Won, J. Pedina, Johann Sebastian, and filmed by JL Jupiter) and connect with D Prime 215 below.

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